Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bloggity Block...

I'm going to say that this is a Short-billed Dowitcher because it's bill looks short.
I hope that's not to technical...

Bloggity, bloggity, blog. Don't you just hate when you can't think of anything to write? I guess I'm a little out of practice. Just to make things a little more difficult, let's go look for shore birds migrating through! PEEPS! They really do look alike...almost as frustrating as those silly gull things that are all gray and off gray...

We visited a soon to be destroyed area called the Lorain Lorain(duh.) It is situated next to a marina and is an amazingly busy place. But within a few hundred feet stands this wetland and mud flat that is teeming with shore birds. When they find a good place to feed they don't care about anything else. From what I understand the Army Corps of Engineers is planning on leveling this area. I guess they know something that the birds don't...

Yep, a little warm last Saturday...

These are Peeps.
These are Small and Medium Peeps.
They are in mud.
Oh, and one Killdeer.

Oh great.
Zoom off.
That makes it so much easier to identify you.

Stoopid peeps.

Hey, I know these guys!
They're American Avocets.
Spell check says they're "American Avocados." I know better.
And that duck with the REALLY HUGE quacker attached to his head, that's a Northern Shoveler.

This poor Killdeer was trying to take a bath while being ogled by a gang of peeps.
You can't trust peep gangs.
A bunch of perverts.

Least Sandpiper.
Or not...

I know this one!
It's a duck!
It's a Mallardy kind of duck! about a peep and a Pectoral Sandpiper?

I was very worried about these Semipalmated Plovers.
They kept watching us and following us.
I think they were planning on kidnapping the Doodles.
Watch out for these guys...

Semipalmated Sandpipers are much nicer.
Spell check says they are "Semiprivate."
I believe it.


This is a new website that covers all of the hot spots for birding along the lake front. We are so lucky to live in this area and have all of these great places to see resident and migrating birds.
As the site states, we have over 400 species of birds that can be seen here...not to mention the wonderful habitats, dragonflies and butterflies.

Take a moment and visit this site, you'll love it! last thing...

A Red-tailed Hawk trying to steal the Doodles duck decoy at the garden pond.

You can this fun activities like this every day in our wonderful gardens. Our home is for sale and has been visited by 68 species of birds.
It's listed as a Certified Wildlife Habitat with the National Wildlife Federation.
Feel free to contact us for more information!


  1. Really funny. You are one in a million of script writers. Lovely birds to boot.

  2. Excellent funny post Dave. I really enjoy reading you... 400 species, wow I'm gonna cry with my 72 species over here ;-)

  3. Thanks Bob! I'm a script writer without direction...

    The difference Chris is that you can actually see all of your species...I think I've seen about a third of ours. One of these days...

  4. crack me up every time. You really should take your show on the road, "The Funny Birder."

    Looking forward to birding with you and the Doodles later this month!

  5. Ha- those darn shorebirds sure are challenging! I think all birds should wear name tags! I like your spellcheck. Keep bloggity blogging ;)