Sunday, September 25, 2011

Meadowbrook Marsh...close to, but not part of...

Going South!
A Magnolia Warblys version of 'carb loading' for his long voyage
to his winter home...or is it his summer home below the equator...
now I'm really confused...

Close to the Lake Erie Birding Trail, but not (yet) part of it, Meadowbrook Marsh on the Marblehead peninsula is a fantastic place to bird. Great marsh and wetlands, woods, meadows and LOTS of birds, even though they don't count towards The Doodles great goal...
"The Big Birdy Decade!"

We spent last Saturday looking for fall warbly things out there and to pop in at the Midwest Birding Symposium that was going on at Lakeside. We ran into so many birdy friends that we haven't seen in quite a while and we(mostly me! yakyakyak!) ended up talking more than birding. Even still, we had a good birdy day.

This is a view of the marsh.
The clouds passed us by and the sun came out for all of the visiting birders.

You never know what will pop up inside the marsh!
This time it was an American Redstart.

Speaking of things popping up in the marsh...
Hey kids, it's our buddy Greg Miller!
Jack Black's character in the upcoming movie "The Big Year" is based on Greg, though not as crazy as the real thing
(that's a compliment by the way.)

No respect...this is Ernie...doing his impression of "Loopy From Behind"...wise guy...
Bird Watchers Digest had a booth as MBS taking photos of attendees and placing them on the "cover" of the magazine.
Ernie will never make it...

Okay...back to the birds...
Love those fall warblys!
It's another American Redstart.

This is a difficult one, until you notice the feet.
Blackpoll Warblys have loud legs!

The Doodles and Rondo Rick were on the other side on this shrubbery chasing the birdies to me.
Then I would chase them back so Rick could get a few shots.
By the way, this is a Black-throated Blue Warbly.
Ain't birding fun?

I've never seen cabbage as white as this Cabbage White Butteryfly.
I don't get it.

Cedar Waxwings.
Not in a Cedar tree. by the way.
Wings made of feathers, not wax by the way.
I think the bird namers were overly medicated.

Speaking of overly medicated..
I think his Downy Woodpecker looks ready for rehab.

No jokes left.
Pretty flower break.

I think it's a Philadelphia Vireo.
I know, we're not in Philadelphia, but I still have my opinion.
It's my blog and I can call birds anything I want.
I think I'll call this one Bob.

Red-bellied Woodpecker in shock.
He shook all of the leaves off the tree.

This photo should be part of "International Crappy Photo Day" which will be coming soon.
This little Ruby-crowned Kinglet was right above two well hidden Marsh Wrens screaming their brains out.

Sub species of the Tufted Titmouse...
Tousled Titmouse.
Really, look it up, I dare you.

White-breasted Nuthatch.
Nuthatch...where I will be going one day.

The Doodles already has the paperwork.

Pretty flower break...again.

Guess that booty!


  1. You crack me up, nice photos though.

  2. I did not get a chance to visit this site although I know many people did this year. Good shots of your visit... funny as well.

  3. I want waxwingggggggggggggggsssss too..... I can also see that you got the butt of a very strange bird wearing jeans ;-) I think I've to be careful when I visit your blog, I'm getting stomac cramps (laugh too much ;-) )...

  4. Thanks Bob...I'd feel all alone if I was the only one that was cracked.

    Hi Chad! Thanks.

    Thanks Chris...I'll have to send a few Waxwings your way...and something for your stomach.