Sunday, February 19, 2012

THE LONGEST TWITCH CONTINUES!(place echo here!)...

Lakeside Landing at Lorain Harbor...number 6 on the countdown!

...More from THE LONGEST TWITCH...
Last weekend, along with Miller Road Park of the past two posts and Lakeview Park of the next post, we visited Lorain Harbor. This harbor has hosted THOUSANDS of those gray and white birds in the past...but not today. I'm sure after we left they came back. They know I don't care for them. Stoopid gray and white birds. "Hey, we're gray and white birds and we fly around in swarms and poop on you!" Stoopid birds.

I heard that two California gray and white stoopid birds were lost and flying around here looking for a Jack-in-the-Box parking lot to poop in. Also a Glaucous white and white bird...or was it Raucous white and white bird was here as well...I wonder if his poop is whiter...hmmm. 

All we saw were sitting and pooping birds like the ones below. Whee.

 Gray and White birds sitting, sleeping and pooping.

 This is the Doodles. She is preparing herself to get pooped on.
She does not like gray and white birds that poop either.
I wonder if her bins are "poo-proof?"
 Oh my. This is not a gray and white bird.
It is a black and white bird.
Is that a White-winged Scoter? They've been here before.
It has a white belly...probably from sitting in poop.

 I think it's a female Bufflehead.
"Hey lady, where's your white cheek patch?!"
I am confused.
At least it's not a gray and white poopy bird.

 Here's another black bird.
It's an American Coot.
You can tell he's American by his accent.
They poop in the water.
 Oh look!
It's a Red-breasted Merganser!
He is displaying an excellent example of "scare hair!"
( Mergansers don't like poop jokes.)
 This is the Lorain Lighthouse.
That's not white paint.

I like ducks.
Three American Black Ducks and a Northern Pintail...from behind too!
 This is in the impoundment next to the harbor.
The Army Corp of Engineers might fill it in.
They are full of poop.

This is me from behind.
Walking through the goose poop encrusted muck.
I saw ducks out there...and bulldozers.
Bull dozers make me cranky.
I better leave now.


  1. This could be entitled a "Dissertation on Poop." You really have a dense population of seagulls. We only get them in the summer and they are more spread out.

    1. Hi Red...funny you would use the words "dense" and "spread out."

  2. It is so funny, I nearly pooped myself. Brilliant birds photos.

    1. Thanks Bob! I hope things worked out okay...

  3. As you know, my ornitho-logically gifted friend, that they are not gray and white birds, they are dammseagulls, not to be confused with damselflies. Just ask my son. Him know this. Oh, and they do poop. Shitloads of poop, actually. Oh, 'scuse me.... manureloads. And is there anything slippery-er than goose poo?

  4. Excellent and I like the comment of Bob ;-) You know what is the best pooped bird over here ;-) The Arctic tern sir, it's very good at targeting you when close to a nest.... poop right on your head ;-)

    1. I guess I'll place Artic Terns up there with the gulls...stoopid poopers!