Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Number Seven...

 The Doodles loved this park...she gives it a four bench rating!

 Yep...more of The Longest Twitch. This is number seven on our quest. 
Lakeview Park is a nice city type park, it's very close to Lorain Harbor from the last post. Lots of beach area, picnic areas and LOTS of benches to rest your weary bones after looking at all of the gray and white birds...We'll have to come back in the spring. There are actual trees here with actual birds that aren't gray and white!

 Gray and White birds flying in no particular direction after sitting on the beach and pooping.
There's a couple of dark gray and white ones in there too.
Probably pooping as well.
This is a Black and White gully thing.
I think it's a Great Black-backed Gully thing.
Why is it "Great?" 
Because the book says so.
 Hey wait a second!
Aren't those Great Black-backed Gully things supposed to have white wing tips?
And what's up with the band on the bill?
Oh, those wacky gully things.

There's a Great Black-backed Gully thing covering his head because he knows that Gray and White Gully 
thing flying over him is going to poop on him. 
The dark Gray and White Gully thing is just going to watch.
Canada Gooseses and Mallahrds frolicking in the sand.
Not really, they're hiding from the gray and white things...

 Benches, benches everywhere!
Who's the happy Doodles?

February sky along Lake Erie.
It matches the gray and white gully things.

One of those is NOT a gray and white gully thing!

I don't like the way he's looking at me.
I better go now...before he does!


  1. For not liking sea gulls you did get some great pictures.
    Just for you, I accidentally ran over a sea gull with my bike. I don't know who was more surprised me or the gull.

    1. You're my hero...oops, I shouldn't say that! Bad Dave.

  2. Nice. I think the white tips on the black gull bird is shown on your third photo. They are on the top of the wings instead of under them:)

    1. The perched gull was a different Great Black-backed, there were quite a few of them to be seen. The flying one may have been a juvenile or whatever cycle they call them! I have a few other shots and I don't see white wings tips on top of the wings and a black streak on the tail. I was hoping for a Black-tailed Gull as one had been spotted there, but this guy is way too dark.

  3. Those Ring-bills would cause a stir over here even if they are grey and white - especially four lined up like that.

    1. It's amazing the difference in our countries! We have Ring-bills and Herring Gull every where all year long and no one cares much. In the winter here we get Iceland, Glaucous, Thayer's, Bonaparte's, and a few more. I just have a hard time going through the pooping hordes trying to figure out who is who!

  4. Fantastic post Dave and I love the last picture of the ringed-bill gulls. Our two in Reykavik are back and I might pay them a visit as I've not seen this species this year yet ;-) But the weather is awful!