Saturday, February 25, 2012

Twitch Number black and white...

 Yes, those are rocks in the Rocky River...duh.

I can feel your excitement! Yes's yet another installment of the "LONGEST TWITCH!"
That would be number 8 of our new visitations of the sites listed in the Lake Erie Birding Trail...only 76 more to go. Don't worry, I'll post other things along the way...various rants(I feel one coming on now!) and bird buttz from around the world...well, from around here anyway.

This post is the start of the Rocky River Metropark which runs from Lake Erie south through the cities of Berea, Brook Park, Cleveland, Fairview Park, Lakewood, North Olmsted, Olmsted Township, and Rocky River.'s a big area to cover! We covered three areas on this trip...stay tuned for more!

I have a show coming up in June and July at Carlisle Reservation in LaGrange, Ohio. The first will be "Feathered Fotography" and the second will be "Black and White in Color" featuring birds with black and/or white plumage. And that's where the theme of this post starts.

"Hey, I have more than just black and white feathers!"
I know, but remember? I'm color blind...and you're the one called Black-capped!

The hikers and walkers in this park always seem to have a little seed in their pockets to share with our friends.

This little Chickadee was a hit and run eater...

Why do they always end up doing that to me?

He's "lichen" this tree!
Get it?
Never mind...

White-breasted Nuthatches have such colorful little derrieres.

"Quit looking at my butt!"
Testy, aren't we?

Speaking of black and white birds with bad attitudes...

Female Downy Woodpeckers really are black and white.

Downy's are not built for crawling...

  A little splash of red to jazz up a dull winters day!

At the end of his limb contemplating the future of his forest...


  1. I was in need of a smile, and was pleased to see that you'd posted, but I actually guffawed out loud when I saw that first picture of the woodpecker. What a capture!!

    1. Thanks's so hard to get people to guffaw these days...

  2. You Downy with an Attitude is the best birdie pic I seen for a long time. Awesome, dude.

    1. Hi Marianne! I found a few of your older comments in the spam folder...go figure!

  3. Super series of shots Dave for the stars of 'black and white'.

  4. Really funny and brilliant photos. Oh yes, you need to do something about word verification!

    1. Ya know Bob, I never knew I even had word verification! I turned it off...let's see what happens next...Thanks!