Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More Rocky Shots From Rocky River...

 The Hilliard Road Bridge. Home, sweet, home to a nice Peregrine Falcon family.

Meanwhile, back in February...still. ( Ranger Anna, be quiet, I'll get caught up one of these days...or not.) So many photos, so little ambition. I really need to focus...ha...that was a pun! Anyway...

The last batch of pics from this visit to Rocky  River Reservation and number 8 on our "Longest Twitch" adventure. Nice park. Big park. Good trails. Good birds. Food. Benches. Potties. What more could you ask for? Besides asking me to be quiet that is.

This is a Peregrine Falcon.
They fly very high.
My neck hurt after this shot.
Thank you for not pooping on me.
 Good bird.

I did not know that Great Horned Owls nest in kayaks and like to decorate with pretty flowers.
I'll bet you learned something today.
Yep, don't believe anything I say.

Mallards are promiscuous.
Naughty, naughty, naughty.

 "Uh...I can explain honey..."

 Rocky River, benches for The Doodles and Sweet Water Landing back on the right.
I'm hungry!

  Boat ramps and fishing too!
Oh, and more of those "loose" Mallards.

 These are trees.
Birds like trees.
I like trees.
Do you like trees?
Mitt Romney, Rick Sanatorium and Noowt Gingrich don't like trees.
Yes, that is ice on the pond.
Like I said these were from February.
Stoopid Canada Goose.
Put your head under your WING to sleep, not under the water.
The river is still there.
If you put your head close to your monitor you can hear the water.
(Why are you still listening to me?)

 The Doodles gives this park the full "5 Bench" rating!

The Tufted Titmouseseseses like the benches also.
Especially when they're loaded with seed.

 You can run, but you can't hide!

 Ha! I got you at last.
White-breasted Nuthatches honk a lot when you chase them.

 Ain't that a cute little booty?

Who's nest is this?
It's not a contest, but if you would like a matted photo, I'll send you one!

Toodles from Loopy and The Doodles!


  1. As always, a delightful read. BTW, I love trees!! I'm not up on nests....who's nest is it? Thanks for the laughs. ~karen

  2. I'd say you got focused ( pun intended) on you photos. You showed some great photos and told a good story. I like stories with photos.

  3. Your a funny man, how can the Doodles put up with you, hee hee. And, I LOVE THE TREES.

  4. I wonder how the GHO paddles that sucker?

    Are Baltimore Orioles called Baltimore Orioles this year? Those fancy-schmancy birder dudes should stop changing the names of stuff. Unless they want to re-name Peregrines to a cool name like "Dive Bombing Pigeon Killers." Oh, wait, are they called Pigeons this year?

    Going back under my rock now. Carry on. More great pics needed.