Sunday, April 1, 2012

Remember February?

 Cold Doodles.

That was one of the last times we made it out birding. I was surprised at how many outings I haven't posted. I better shut up and just show you some birds...okay? Okay.

As you can tell by the sign, we're at Rocky River Reservation, number 8 on our Lake Erie Birding Trail quest.

We watched this Belted Kingfisher from the other side of the river.
He was in deep concentration...
"Here fishy, fishy, fishy..."
 "I'm gonna get you!"

"Told ya!"

Lots of Black-capped Chickadees.

This one had a little bracelet too!

They're very curious.

He's "lichen" this tree!
That joke never gets old...well maybe a little old...

It was a good day for birds from behind!

Though this guy didn't think so...

Downy Woodpeckers don't crawl very well...
Maybe he ate too much?

I have a lot more from Rocky River to come...and Old Woman Creek...and Lake Erie...and...


  1. Super shots of the woodie and the Chickadee reminds me so much of our Coal and Marsh Tits.

    I posted a couple of pics on just for you!!

    Have a good week Dave.

  2. Come on, pick up the pace here, ya bloggyslacker! Can't wait to see more butz.

  3. Brilliant birdies, especially the Downy Woodpeckers, they are superb.

  4. Great photos and interesting patter to go with them.

  5. Thanks everyone...except Marianne..RZZZZZTT! to you. Ha.
    More Buttz is on the way!