Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Urban Developement...

 An American Redstart decided this new park would be a good place to live.

So...where were we? Let's see...crazy rant that no one listened too...crazy bird spin drying...yep, that's it. Cleveland Lakefront State Park, aka Dike 14, number 15 on the "Longest Twitch" countdown!
 I have a new toy, a Bushnell BackTrack gps device that tracks where you go with loads of info!

Great weather and a wonderful place to visit just minutes from downtown Cleveland, this place is great escape for folks in the city. We spent 4 hours and walked three miles and, as you can see by the above map, we only covered a small bit of the area! The amount of wildlife in this reclaimed area is astounding, snakes (watch out Chris!), birds, butterflies, dragonflies and mammal! We really need to visit this park more often.

 This is the female American Redstart, skulking around and waiting for us to move on before entering her nest. 
These are uncommon nesters around here.


Why it's a Speckle-breasted Worm-eating Ground Thrush...
or an American Robin juvenile...

 The city of Cleveland just down the shore line and a beautifully calm Lake Erie.

Those good birds are "always on the wrong side of the tree!"
I finally found a skinny (like me) tree!
This Common Yellowthroat thought he was being sneaky...

Loopy and The Doodles birdin' on the lake front.

 An Eastern Comma butterfly warming up after a long winter hiding in the woods.

This place is very lush for a former dredge pile!
When they dredged the Cuyahoga River, all the much was piled up and this place was created.

 Part of the bazillion Gray Catbird welcoming committee...

 The Doodles only gives the place a "one bench" rating.
No where to take a load off when you get inside the park, but they do have picnic tables and a visitors center outside.

Great Egrets Batman!

 The only shot of the only Magnolia Warbler I saw...and it wasn't a butt!

This is a Question Mark. Really. That's what it's called!
If you look at the underwing, the little white marks form a question mark.
Clever, eh.

This is a Red Admiral.
He took off his navy hat so it's kind of hard to tell.
 I'm a professional.
Don't be jealous.

Wacky Red-breasted Merganser trying to tan his REALLY white belly.
Give it up, no one cares...
This Red-winged Blackbird laughs at my jokes...
or was he just laughing at me?

Yes you are correct,  this Song Sparrow IS sticking his tongue out at me.
No one respects me...I'm so sad...boo-hoo.

What's with these birds out here? It must be the city attitude!
Even this Swainson's Thrush is giving me the crazy eye!

You can tell your in the city from certain angles.
Willow Flycatchers don't care.

LOTS of them!

Dozens and dozens of Yellow Warblys chasing each other all over the park!

 And of course, none sitting still long enough for a portrait.

May a Maniacal Merganser give you a big booty flash splash if you don't call your representatives NOW to help save our state parks from drilling, mining and logging!
Check out these links:
Mohican Advocates has letters and petitions for you to sign and use.
You can find your Senator here:
You can find your state Representative here:
The Nature Conservancy:

The National Audubon Society:

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds:
Thanks for your help!


  1. Wow that's a very good birding location, it is just like me birding only around Reykjavík. We just need to get the good spot ;-) Wonderful white batman you got ;-)

    1. Hi Chris...silly guy...
      It's great to have someone nicew to bird that doesn't use a lot of fuel and energy!

  2. Great post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. Wonderful post!! I so enjoyed reading it and your pictures are great. I love your sense of humor. I'm sorry I haven't been visiting. I've been in a bit of a funk.