Thursday, May 17, 2012

If No One Sees A Logging Truck In The Forest, Does That Mean It's Not There?...

A lovely little logger shot by the Doodles.
 While we were visiting Shawnee State Park and Forest, we came upon an unsettling number of logging trucks leaving the forest. Being poor naive American citizens with a strong belief  that our elected officials are looking after us and our wishes, we were a bit confused and dismayed.

To myself I said "Huh, what the F***!"...apparently I said it to myself loud enough that the Doodles heard me. She doesn't like it when my inside voice comes out. Then she, the innocent little Doodles, said it too. Weren't these green areas set aside for the enjoyment of ALL Americans? Apparently not. Our national and state parks are available to the highest bidder...and we, the American citizens, don't get a dime for it. Nor does it seem we have much of a choice.

Okay fellow Americans...and Canadians, Britains and everyone else! It's time to sharpen your pencils, charge your phones and get typing on your computers! If you don't want me storming into your home and ranting in person, PLEASE do something! It's very simple to write a letter and send it to your local and national representatives.

Tell them how you feel. Even if you don't agree with me, please write anyway. So many people think, "Well, I don't have the time" or "No one will listen to me" or "Only big money gets heard." Guess again. If enough of us write, call and get involved something WILL get done.

It's time to take over.

A beautiful morning in Shawnee. 
But for how long?

Clear cutting in the background and a new logging road in the foreground.

No woods?
No Wood Ducks.

 Clear streams will no longer be clear...if there at all.

I wonder how many more American Woodcocks 
will lose their habitat?

Check out these links:

Mohican Advocates has letters and petitions for you to sign and use.

You can find your Senator here:

You can find your state Representative here:

The Nature Conservancy:

The National Audubon Society:

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds:

 The birds and I thank you...


  1. Thanks Dave, I'm right behind you, don't they know, it can be anyone of us. DEATH of our planet.

    1. Thank you Bob! You have done some amazing work in the UK. We could use you over here!

  2. Like a kid who believes in Easter Bunny, I always thought that when I saw a sign reading something like "Entering Shawnee State Forest" it meant that I was entering a beautiful place, full of trees and wildlife that would be there FOREVER. I have read about logging, drilling, etc. and found it upsetting and have sent a few letters in an effort to put a stop to it - but to see the logging happening LIVE AND IN PERSON - now that is just plain DISTURBING - and I think it really sunk in this time - "State Forest" does not mean it is protected (as I grew up believing). In my shock, I may have let a few choice words out (sorry Mom - bad Doodles) but I just couldn't believe that we were enjoying the beauty of the trees and birds and butterflies and plants in a state forest one minute, and seeing a truck load of cut trees going down the road the next. It felt like I was witnessing a secret crime scene. I need to get busy and write LOTS of letters this weekend!! I think if every citizen in the US saw the destruction happening LIVE before their very own eyes, lots more letters would be written. Perhaps instead of a field trip to the zoo, schools should take young students out in the field to witness the destruction going on out there firsthand, while we are obliviously busy at work, school, home, etc. These young people need to know, even if they are not so interested in the nature aspect, that we all need AIR to breathe, and the forests and everything in them are part of the web of life. I better stop now, or this could get to be even longer!
    The Doodles

  3. A wonderful post Dave. The decision to sell off our national forest was thwarted last year but it arise again if we don't keep on our guard.

    1. Thanks Andrew.
      Unlike the British,most Americans don't give a damn. All they care about are their SUV's, their video games and big hamburgers.

  4. Cheers for sharing. Looking forward to far more.

  5. I had no idea. I thought only Nova Scotia did stupid things like that.

  6. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  7. Dave, I can't believe this is going on in our National Parks, I thought they were all protected from things like this. Thank you for writing such an important post.

  8. I just found you through kaholly......this is so very very upsetting...really WHAT is the matter with the human race...THANKYOU so much for the heads up...I will be writing and I will be passing on the post to many....!!!!;

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