Monday, May 21, 2012

Spin Dry...

 Hard to tell, butt that's a Red-breasted Merganser...taking a the water that he swims in all day...ick.

 The Longest Twitcher has lost track of his twitches. We're up to fifteen on the Lake Erie Birding Trail. This is the latest, Cleveland Lakefront State Park...formerly known as "Dike 14." This is an area of land made up of dredgings from the Cuyahoga River and left on it's own for quite some time.

Birders started to sneak in and were amazed at the numbers of migrants that passed through. Soon the county would open the area to the public a couple of times a year. Now it's part of the state park if you read my last blog post, you know how I feel about or state and the park system.

Get down there may end up a baseball diamond and an unused picnic shelter...

 Splishy splashy...

Prepare to spin dry!

Extending wings...

 We have lift off!

 The perfect bird for behind shots!

 Still spinning...

 This spinning is making me dizzy...

Almost there...

End of cycle...listen for the buzzer.

I have more shots of other birds...not spinning...from Dike 14 and this spring Twitch. I may even post a few!

By the way...has ANYONE written their state reps concerning the selling of our park systems? At the end of my last post there are links for contact info. PLEASE help!


  1. Amazing the vigor these critters put into a bath.

  2. Nice shots!Thanks for sharing.Have a great day!!!


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