Sunday, May 13, 2012


Love them warblys!
They're always hiding waaaaaay back in the woods.

We spent four days last week at Flora-Quest in Shaunee State Forest in  southern Ohio. Now you're asking yourself  "Myself, why would Loopy go to a planty botany thing when he barely can find birds?" Well, plants don't move...and good friend Cheryl Harner knew I would get lost if we went warblying down there by ourselves. Smart lady. So we joined the crazy plant people.

This is just a quickie post because we found us a little life warbly! WOO-HOO!

Yep, that's a Kentucky Warbly thing singing his heart out.
We don't see them up north.

 He didn't quite understand why we were so happy about seeing him.
He just stared a lot.

 Special thanks have to go to our special friend Greg Miller for helping us find this little guy!
He's a magically talented bird guy!
Oh, and Jack Black pretended to be him in "The Big Year" too!
Greg's still funnier.

Oh, I almost forgot, Flora-Quest is about plants.
Here's a leaf. Enjoy.