Monday, December 31, 2012

My Little Chickadee...

My little buddy, the Black-capped Chickadee.

"Ah yes, my little chickadee..." Not quite what W.C. Fields was speaking of, but in any case, here ya go. They're daily visitors to our many, not always full, but always very busy feeders. We're up to 86 species in our little plot of earth. Possibly 87. I was clearing that lovely white stuff from our driveway, you know, the place you park in, when I spied a gull of a different sort buzzing overhead. He had black on the sides of his bitty little head making him a most likely candidate for a Bonaparte's gull. Not being positive and not being a pro, let alone a fan of gulls, we'll let that one go for now.

So, where was I...oh yeah...moron politicians...wait, that wasn't it(it is, but we'll save that for later.) Oh yes, chickadees! There's a wonderful artist I met through the world wide web, Barbara Rudolph. She's a bird lover just like the rest of us, and I AM assuming if you're here you love birds. She's contacted me a few times looking for models. She used a Prothonotary Warbly of mine in a previous painting. This time I received a wonderful surprise in the mail, just in time for my birfday!

An artist's proof of her latest work, "Spring Training," arrived featuring my little backyard buddy! Please visit her website to view more of her delightful work featuring more of our feathered friends.

I'm going out to the feeders now to look for my little chickadee and show him his latest likeness. I hope his ego doesn't get much worse...


  1. Awesome!! Happy belated birthday!! I am SO glad you are posting again. ~karen

  2. Congratulations on having one of your photos used for a painting.
    You really nailed the photo of the chickadee on the dead piece of wood.
    Also happy birthday!
    I like your political slant. We need more of it.

    1. Better to nail the photo to the dead wood than the Chickadee...though that would make him easier to photograph!

  3. Hi Dave, thanks again for letting me paint your beautiful bird. Chickadees were always a favorite of my late father's. He loved to carve them and made some beautiful pieces. I started painting a little bird in every one of my oil paintings in honor of him. It has really been fun and has taken off. I am learning as I go, so I love to find great reference for the birds that I don't find in Arizona. Your photos are spectacular. Many thanks again, and I hope you can find a frame for your new "Spring Training" painting.

  4. Happy new year to you also, nice bird showing.