Saturday, January 12, 2013

When Birding is Bad...(update!)

 I found this Long-eared Owl back in February of 2006 by accident. It sometimes pays to not pay attention!
I also left quickly after taking three shots.

 There's been a lot of talk lately about sightings of rare birds here in Ohio. Long-eared Owls are a rare winter visitor and when spotted, folks get excited and gather in large groups to their roosting areas. These are very quiet birds and don't do well when there's too much activity in their roosting areas.

They were more common a number of years ago, but possibly due to the amount of birders getting too close, staying too long and taking too many flash photographs, their numbers have dwindled. It's great to see something rare and I have no issue with careful viewing. But...when the bird isn't a life bird and you just need it for a month, year or area list, think more of the birds safety and future and not yourself. Just my opinion...

Speaking of ranting...

Like shooting ducks in a barrel...

There's also lots of talk lately semi-automatic weapons and large volume ammunition clips. I know a good number of hunters and none of them use these for hunting. They also don't mind if there is stricter regulations. All of this NRA orating about someones second amendment rights is a waste of time. The amendment was written to protect this country from Britain and to keep a militia at the ready.

Folks with automatic and semi-automatic weapons really have no point in this argument. And if they purchased their weapons legally they should be happy to comply with whatever new laws are enacted. Isn't that part of being an American?

One comment stated that violent crimes have declined over the past decade. Partially true...go to the FBI site and go through their stats. I noted that murder and violent crimes are actually now on the rise. Read this article in the Mother Jones news for more interesting facts concerning the alarming rise in mass shootings. Is the pleasure of owning an assault weapon more important than saving the lives of innocent people?

Ooohh...night vision and everything. This is just as sane as a semi-automatic rifle for hunting.

*Read my comments to a reader...


  1. You've had a good day with two big rants. The gun one I'm really on with you. It seems so simple to do some control for our own safety. The way this is going we will get to the last man standing like the buffalo.

  2. Oops! Adam Lanza violated an existing Connecticut assault weapon ban. FBI statistics on murder and violent crime DROPPED 50% from 1992-2011. These rates remain highest in large cities. Evidently NRA isn't the problem. I'm a birder and don't own a gun. But I like the idea that, if I did, it's none of your business. Peace, Gregory Bennett

    1. If one reads the stats in more detail, you would find that they are actually on the rise over the past few years. The NRA and their lobbyists are doing what they can to skew the facts. I assume you took training to get your drivers license, and you have license plates on your vehicle, why are you against taking the same responsibility for owning a gun?

      These gun rights people obviously have never had a gun held to their head listening to someone demand their money, wallet, watch, belt gloves and groceries. I know the feeling. The argument that if one was armed to protect themselves is crap. When someone is behind you with a gun...they take your gun. And you lose more.

      It's time to get serious about crime in America and stop whining about your rights to protect yourself from your invisible enemies.

    2. It's impossible to discuss anything rationally with a guy who has a gun. He has his facts twisted.

    3. Strange, you seem to think criminals are both real and invisible. Which is it?
      Again, check FBI statistics.

    4. Here's why the driver's license analogy doesn't work. Driving on roads, paid for with everyone's tax money, is a privilege. Owning a gun is a constitutional right.

    5. In your opinion then, anyone that wants to own a gun should be able to, without any back ground checks or training. Obviously, everything I post is only my opinion, but national polls point to the fact that the majority of American citizens would like to see more control and less guns.
      You're comment about me thinking criminals are both "real and invisible" makes no sense to me. I tried to point out that so many of the folks that state that they NEED to own assault weapons think they have to protect themselves against their own government (which brings up their confusion of being "proud" Americans)and the boogey men that are coming to get them.

      I've dealt with real criminals and I'm not confused about real and imagined.

      Now for the constitution..."A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

      When this was written we had the fear of Great Britain taking over and the need for protection was real. The weapons you can own would be black powder guns...not assault weapons.

  3. Also, you agree with facts, yet they're being skewed. You seem to be comfortable with cognitive dissonance!
    What is going to change the frequency of mass shootings is the reaction of the intended victims. I work in education. In the past we have been taught to go on lock down, resulting in easy targets for deranged individuals. Law enforcement is now training us to flee, or cause disruption, or interfere with the shooter. This change in behavior will bring more resistance to the path.
    Basically, if you don't know what you're talking about, mind your own business.

    1. This blog is my business and I do believe what I say is true. If I understand what you're saying correctly, anyone should have a gun and we all need to learn to run away.
      What a great country...

  4. If public sentiment was favor of more gun laws, congress would act. Since it is not, all we have is a presidential order.
    If more laws were the solution, Chicago and NY would be in better shape and Vermont would be a war zone. It's none of your business what people feel they need or what makes them feel proud. You are entitled to your liberal ideology, but stop pretending it's based in fact.

  5. As you yourself admit, the only crime increasing is mass shootings because educators and students have, in the past, been trained to behave more like a tornado drill than a fire drill. These are the ones who need to run away.