Sunday, July 7, 2013

An Odd Duck...

 White-tailed Duck? 
Please note the "tail" end of a Mallard flying away in shock.

So...(here we go again!)there I was, minding my own business...sort Sunset Pond behind the nature center at North Chagrin Reservation, when I hear what sounded like an oafish woman in high heels running up behind me, definitely not The Dawdling Doodles every so gentle clomping. Before I could spin me and my camera around to see who was attacking from the rear, I heard a very loud splash. Oops...Ms. Graceful just did a swan dive into the pond.

Turns out it was a White-tailed Deer with an aversion to photographers and a gift for diving and swimming. I'd give her a three for style, an eight for the size of the splash. Who'd a thought...deer can swim? Hmmmph...

 That's one way to cool off on a hot summers day.
"Dry land at last!"
 The fish were definitely a little befuddled at the sight of their guest.

 Waiting patiently for something to pop out of that hole...
Maybe it's a wild life "whack-a-mole" game!

 After wisely giving up on the ducklings, 
Mr. Great Blue got himself a little furry something for lunch.
I once had a bologna sammich that was a little furry...
 Can't trust Midland Painted Turtles...they will sneak up behind you and try to tip you over.
Please note the bad guy up on the log trying to flip his buddy.
Sounds like something my brother would do to me...
(Have I told you the story of him knocking me down when I was 5 to impress a girl? No? One of these days...)

 A prim and proper Green Heron.
 A prim and proper Green Heron hacking up a hair ball...or frog ball...or fish...oh never mind.

 Frog baby!

 I'm sorry...they're call "Tadpoles."
Silly name. Who came up with that one?
I like frog babies.
It's my blog and I can call them whatever I want.
 "Yeah, so, I was swimming along minding my own business when George comes up and says, "So, what's up" and I said, Don't give me that what's up stuff, you know what's up, and he says back to me 'You kidding right?"  and I says Huh! you know very well what I'm talking about! And he just stares at me with this stupid look on his face like he's been reading that moronic blog again."

  We better go now. I think it may be time for my nap...
Stay tuned kiddies for more excitement coming your way soon!


  1. I sure wish I had your sense of humor, but then, what would everyone do with TWO of you out there? I esp. enjoyed the pic of the GBH on the duck house. A classic! You seem to often be in the right place at the right time! Stop by and go for a paddle with me! ~karen

    1. Karen, no one should be saddled with the heavy weight of my humor, it would only get you in trouble. And you're right, two of us would be really scary!

      (By the way, me and my camera can't swim!)

  2. You've strung togethr an awesome series of photos. I knew deer could swim but you were able to get a super series of shots.

    1. How come you never told me deer could swim?

  3. I just love your posts. Thanks for the giggles.

  4. Thank you for creating this blog, it make my heart "sing"! Your pictures are beautiful!