Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Greatest Book Ever Invented...Ever!...Really!

I am the happiest boy in happy boyland right now for I have seen the glory of the greatest book to ever be a book. "The Warbler Guide" is truly the finest book on warbly things I have found...and you know how much I love them little warbly things!

Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle have covered everything you would ever need to identify any North American warbler from visual clues to songs and calls, and placed in a very easy to work with format. AND they even have butt shots of every species so even I can figure out who's in most of my photos!

This book is unlike any other warbler guide you may have on your shelf. It starts out with an explantion on how to use the book, icons used, maps and what to look for when viewing those cute little warblys and what to listen for. The shape and color icons are a great invention of theirs. Taking warblers down to their most basic silhouettes, color impressions and tail patterns, it doesn't get any simpler! They also have the most detailed section on songs, calls and sonograms of warblers I've found.

Next you come to the "Visual Finder Guides." This area shows close ups of faces, side views, under views(gotta find them booties!,) and more.Even if you had just a brief sighting of one of those mighty mites, this section help lead you in the right direction. You follow the photo to the page listed and it will even show you similar species to help narrow things down.

When you get to the individual "biographies" of each warbler you will find the simple icons on the top of the page to explain patterns, range, habitats and feeding style. Then there's the amazing photography. Any possible angle, whether perched or in flight , is shown. A listing of key points is clear for each species. Following is the most descriptive descriptions(!) of warbler calls and songs yet. Maybe even I can start to figure out calls!

Princeton University Press found a real must have with this one! Be prepared for the fall warbly migration and look into this outstanding new guide.

If you look to page 378, you'll know who this is!

In addition to the book, there is a website(click here NOW!) and in time for spring migration, 
an app which will include 360 degree views and audio files! 

Can you tell I'm really excited about this book?