Wednesday, April 30, 2014


 A happy Caspian Tern, so proud, with his freshly caught meal...and then...

 ...the epitome of of those gray and white birds...
A Ring-billed Gull! 

 Like certain, unnamed right winged, corporate backed politicians...
this gull...this usurper...tries to steal the food right out of his hard working mouth.
(Pretty clever political tie in, eh?)

You can't always fool those that work hard for their meals!

 But those evil greedy gulls don't give up.
He's gotta try a different angle.
"Yeah, I'm gonna do you a favor by taking that fish off of your hands...or beak."

"Oops. Is that your head I'm waterboarding...uh, I mean holding underwater?"

 A little arm...wing twisting never hurt anyone...

 One good tern deserves another...kick in the stomach!
"Stoopid Gull!"

 Once again, the wiser tern wins the battle!

The ring-billed republican...I...uh...gull didn't see that coming!

Thank you...this has been a not so subtle message from your local neighborhood, tree hugging, bird loving, left "wing" blogger. Pay attention out there! Elections are coming up and you don't want your food or well being stolen from you.