Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Little Blue...

 He's a Little Blue because he's a little lost...

 We had a nice spring walk at Sandy Ridge Reservation a couple of weeks ago...and it didn't snow! Maybe it really is spring...shhh!

A Little Blue Heron has been there for over a week, wandering through the marsh, feeding on all the yummy fish, frogs and who knows what else. Just a little bit out of his range, we don't see them often along Lake Erie! Plus we had a our first warbly of the to get ready for the invasion...
He's hiding back there somewhere...

 Did you ever taste something that wasn't quite right?

 Then do this?

 Sportin' his special hair do...oh baby...

 "Um, guys...what are they doing?"
Snapping turtles getting snappy...

 Little by little, the trees are rotting away in the wetlands.

 Enjoying the muck and mire, a Sora plays with it's food.

 Song Sparrows like to play in the mud too!

 A bevy of bootys!
...of the Blue-winged Teal type.

A headless bird!

 "HA! Got ya!"
Doh, it's only a smart Alec American Robin.

 Our first warbly thing of the year...a Yellow-rumped Warbly.
Appropriate for this blog...
 The woodlands are still a bit flooded.
 Puddle ducks like this Mallard are loving it!
 The Doodles likes the bridge...she doesn't like wet feet.

 Red-winged Blackbirds are already screaming about their little plots of marsh.

I have a Sora butt.
Ha! That's a funny one...


  1. You got some lovely shots of the great variety of birds. More are arriving everyday, I am sure.

  2. That's a great wetland. You've shown some interesting activities. The sora is very secretive so you really had to work to get these photos.

    1. I love that place...always something good to find.

  3. pretty nice blog, following :)

  4. Splendid set of pictures. I have a friend who works for the Metro Parks - small world!

    Feel free to link up to Wild BIrd Wednesday on my photo-blog!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. Thanks Stewart...I'll try to remember...I'll definitely link up this week!