Monday, April 7, 2014

A Real Pip...

 "What's up there?"

 So...there we were...driving along Wilderness Road in Shreve...during the Migration Sensation...after 4 or 5 inches of snow fell...under which was a plenitude of rain...which turned to ice...which made for an exciting evening drive the night before we were driving along Wilderness Shreve...Ohio...during the Migration Sensation...uh...where was I? Oh, we saw a bird!

Actually saw quite a few birds, but this one in particular got me all excited! I saw this little thing along the side of the road, at the edge of the water...probing and bobbing his little butt all the while. I said to myself, "Myself...who likes the waters edge, has a pointy beak, is streaky and has a bobbly butt?" Well...the first bird that came to mind, being a lover of those cute warbly things and being that it is getting closer to May Madness and seeing as how a number of these critters had been sighted in Ohio lately and being a lover of those warbly things(did I say that already?) I screamed out "IT MUST BE A WATERTHRUSH!"

SO...being a good bird nerd, I posted a message on the Ohio list serve stating what I think may be a waterthrush and the location...knowing that someone would be watching and tell me I'm an idiot. (Everyone knows me...) Well...good ole Jen Brumfield was quick on the draw...or email...and simply asked "Are you sure it wasn't a Pipit?" Doh.

 This is what I hoped my birdy was, a Louisiana Waterthrush.
Similar looking, eh?
Bobbly butt and all...

 American Pipit was what is was!
Eating delicious frozen buggies!

 And there he goes...running away from me laughing and telling ALL of his friends what a moron I was...stoopid birds...stoopider Loopy.

By the way!
I will have an exhibit of my "work" at the Carlisle Visitors Center in LaGrange, Ohio through the month of April.
My good buddies Jennifer and Mary from the Lorain County Metroparks let me in every year!
One day they'll learn better...

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  1. Congratulations on having your work exhibited. You show great stuff on your blog.
    Now I might be wrong but I think your pip is listening for something in the weeds rather than looking up???