Thursday, May 29, 2014

Magee Magnolia Madness of May...

 Oh sure..."It's easy to get photos of birds!" How many times have I heard that?

Dateline May nineteenth. Magee Marsh. The boardwalk. With Brother Jeff. He's not a brother. He's my brother. A newbie birder. Got new bins. Thinks he's cool now. Got old field guide. Ha. Wrong names. Leaves are out. Birds are hiding. Typing like Sgt. Joe Friday. Don't know why. Deal with it.

Saw warblyz. A lot of them. Mostly from behind. And far away. Or behind leaves. Shot photos anyway. That's the kind of guy I am. Have lens, will mis-focus. Sick of typing. Look at the pics.

 Even from can tell...

 Or from below...

 Or from the side below...or something...
 Even females and first years...look at those tail spots!
Did you look?
Look again.
'Cause I said so!

 See the buttery butt spot?

 That special black and white stripey tail...

 A delightful necklace...

 Okay, enough with the hide and seek!

 Bug beak!
 Why, it's a Magnolia Warbly!
An easy one to ID...even for the newbies!

 And the only warbly that will pose pretty if you ask nicely...and point out the juicy bugs for him.
 Love that tail bar!

(I think he's getting a little perturbed with me...shhh!)

Stay tuned for more...
"Birdin' with Bro!"
...coming soon...


  1. Bird books are too scientific. You have to put a little "English " in your descriptions...delightful necklace, juicy bugs. Why even I could remember such details.

    1. One day...I'll be in control! Life should be easier...

  2. ...hehe! Fun, Dave!! I love those Maggies!

    1. Maggies bring a little sunshine into our day!