Monday, May 26, 2014

Warblyz and More!

 It's not often that a Bay-breasted Warbly sits still and poses...and not from behind!

May 10th...another delightful day birding the boardwalk! Speaking of which...the Friends of Magee Marsh are trying to raise money for a much needed rehab. As you can see from the photo, they've already started with new signage...and replacing the ever so squeaky deck boards. Please click on their hi-lighted name if you can help!

SO...onward to the burdz!

Of course, the very first bird on the walk was facing the right way!
The American Redstarts were, by far, the most numerous warbly to be seen this year.
We've seen them in numerous parks and even our gardens.

One day, one of these Black-throated Blooz will turn around in the sun for me...or not.

I can hear those computers clicking off now!
Don't be scared!
It's only a lil' Black Rat Snake.

This Cape May Warbly is zooming away just like a few of my readers!
Part chicken?

A tummy full of juicy bugs makes Chestnut-sided Warblyz sing their cute little hearts out!
"Listen up babes! I'm lookin' for love!"

While everyone else is looking up, I'm peaking through the tangles.
You never know what you'll see out there!
A Green Heron hunting frogs...or something else squishy.
Hungry yet?

The last of the Palm Warblyz were popping in and out today.

How to identify a Northern Parula from behind...
Eye arcs, wing bars, white undertail and a neon green back that even I can see!
There, you learned something. Haha!
Anyone know a publisher willing to make a "Birds From Behind" field guide?

Meanwhile, back in reality...
Ooohhhh..Scarlet Tanager!

A sad Song Sparrow, because everyone is oohing and aahing over the tanager.

And an angry Swainson's Thrush.
Cranky little buggers...
If you listen closely, after their song they talk like Edward G, Robinson.
"Where's your insects now, see? Yeah."

The Veery didn't think it was funny either.

Just over the parking lot and outside the boardwalk, a pair of Bald Eagles decided this would be a good place for a nest...the size of a Volkswagen...
Watch the next few posts for updates...

Amazing how it can take you five to six hours to walk the boardwalk that's less than a mile long!
But when you come out...KEEP LOOKING!
You never know what will be hiding in the grass.
Not far fom the eagles nest, this American Woodcock made a nest in the tall grass.
It took a lot of scanning to finally find her little eye peeking through!

The Doodles gets bored with my dawdling back and forth.
She sat at this secluded corner of the Magee beach and watched the warblyz flitting in and out of that little tree.
She had seven species and she didn't have to move.
Not fair.

Yellow-rumped Warblyz have much more than yellow rumps.

We tried to keep him locked away, butt Bobb escaped.
BEWARE of that Puckish little grin of his.

Along the new estuary trail, which connects to Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge, the birders are fewer, butt the birds are many!
We saw a number of Blackpoll Warblyz resting from their amazing long distance tour of the world.

A Happy Doodles.
A cranky Bobb.
A leering Loopy.
I was distracted by someone with a Canon 500mm lens...THAT I"M STILL WAITING FOR!

Speaking of Soras...there's one now!

Be careful looking up when a Trumpeter Swan flies over...ick.

The most beeuuutiful song in birdland!
If you're ever standing next to me in an odd location and hear one singing, it's probably my phones ring tone.
It's fun to watch birders swing around scanning the trees trying to find where that song originates.

One last shot of the Bay-breasted Warbly before we go...

Ya know, I don't think I ever mentioned the fact that Magee Marsh is on the Lake Erie Bird Trail!
Silly me.

See you with more warbly action next time!


  1. Delightful, Dave! As always. Spring is just so wonderful and you make it even more enjoyable.

  2. This post was a great education. I'm sure I should get a couple of credits for just reading it. You show the bird and tell some interesting facts making an interesting and entertaining post.

    1. You have now earned six credits.
      You're welcome.