Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Why Promoting Research is Important...

 Our friends(really!) Kathy and Tim Krynak on the local news!

So many people want to bulldoze what's left of our natural habitats, cut down the trees for lumber, slash and burn to plant crops and drill holes in every empty space through out our park systems without ever giving a thought to what may be living in those places.

There's so much we don't know about this planet and the creatures that live on it. Without people like Kathy and Tim, doing so much on their own, we may never know what else we share this planet with! Tim works for the Cleveland Metroparks as well as being the president of the Las Gralarias Foundation and Kathy is a noted biologist and frog researcher working on her PhD. In their "free" time when visiting Reserva Las Gralarias near Quito, Ecuador, they scour the creeks and forests for reptiles, birds and amphibians.

They recently discovered a new species they've nicknamed the "Punk Rocker" frog. On one of their collecting trips they saw this very tiny frog that had spines on it. Not knowing what it was, they took it back to the reserve planning to do further studies of it the next day. In the morning they checked the frog and it had no spines and they thought they brought back the wrong one. When it was placed on moss, the spines slowly came out and they knew it was something quite different!

None of this is possible without funding and donations from regular people like us. If you love this fragile planet, please find a group such as Las Gralarias and donate to them and promote research around the globe before it's too late.
Thank you!

 The famous Frog!
Click HERE for more info on this unusual frog!

 Tim's series of photos showing its metamorphosis.

 What a beautiful area to visit!

 There are so many mysteries hidden in the rainforest.

 The Doodles looked under every leave during our visit, but we found no frogs...I think we were too busy with the birds...and not getting lost!

 We saw many hummingbirds like this Fawn-breasted Brilliant.

 I wonder how many frogs I just walked past...

 The Giant Antpitta, the bird of the trip!
Next visit we shall search for frogs with Kathy and Tim!

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  1. We only know about the big stuff. We haven't even started to discover the micro organisms.