Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Just a Little Rusty...

Ha. Rusty Blackbirds. Get it?
"Just a little Rusty!"
Never mind...

 One more local park down...and I'm sure quite a few more to go! This trip was to Silver Springs Park in Stow. The folks I met in the parking area said it was a nice woodland area with a couple of miles of trails...they didn't mention they were unmarked. Did ya ever notice when all the leaves are down and they cover the forest floor...everything looks the same! I only became "Mis-directed" once...and ended up by the main road on the opposite side of where I wanted to be. Oh well...at least it was a beautiful day to be out...and lost.

I knew there was a dog park attached...but I didn't realize that everyone there with a dog would have them unleashed. I like dogs (we have a couple of "in-security" dogs at work to keep us company) but in a park they should be leashed. If you visit this park beware of dogs that growl at cameras on tripods and sometimes snap...and bark and scare the birds that you're trying to shoot. Am I ranting again? Sorry...

Anyway, when I left I went to visit my bro Phillio and further the days adventures in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The day became much sunnier and warmer, though since Phillio is not a morning person, the birding was a little on the quiet side. But the weather was gorgeous for a stroll through the Ledges area and Virginia Kendall Lake. One day I'll wake his butt up early...maybe in the spring when it's warm again...I don't think he likes frozen walks either...kids...

 I was trying to get closer to these Rusty Blackbirds...
...I was doing well sneaking and creeping(I am a creep after all!)

 ...when a loose Pit Bull came barking and running at me.
He got mine and the Rusty's attention.
They flew away...I didn't move until the owner got him.
I heard those stoopid burdz laughing at me.

 This American Robin just stared at me.
Didn't like the way I looked I guess.

 I saw a lot of zooming birds like this Downy Woodpecker.
Woof! Zoom...

 At least the Eastern Gray Squirrels are friendly!
"Hi Loopy!"

 This Northern Flicker was busy chasing bugs and chowing down!

 And here is again...a little action shot I thought you might enjoy...or not.
At least he missed my camera!
Better luck next time...

 Lots of Red-bellied Woodpeckers out stashing acorns for the winter!
(Don't tell him the squirrels will probably find it and eat it first!)

 I hardly ever get a clear view of a Hairy Woodpecker...one of these days.

 Now over to The Ledges...
At the beginning of the trail we saw this Red-bellied Woodpecker hammering away at this Bald-faced Hornets nest.
 There must still be some critters in there!

 Walking along the Ledges trail is a wonder. These formations are from the ice age.
It's amazing how these trees grow in and around the rocks.

 When you get up and close you can see where water and an ancient sea wore away the rocks.

 If you're a fan of lichen and moss, you'll love this trail.

 Me as rock art.
Totally rockin' it...totally.

 Don't tell Phillio I posted this pick of him making a face and walking goofy.
I told him I wouldn't use it.

 I always check out hollows in trees.
You never know who may be hiding in there!
This time it's a Racoon's fat fuzzy fanny.
My only photo from Kendall Lake....figures it would be a butt shot!

That's all for now!
See you soon...


  1. You had a good variety of woodpeckers on this outing.You also did well for being out in an afternoon.

    1. I forgot how hard it was to look for birds so late in the day! I'll have to get Phil a new alarm clock...

  2. I found this post hilarious thanks to your banter. Loved all the birds you saw, the shadow of you on the rock and your goofy friend. I won't tell!

  3. Another fine piece of work, Dave. Glad to see you got old Phillio out of his TV den, also. I wish we could see Flickers more often as they are one of our favs.

  4. Great set of shots - looks of practice stops you from getting rusty, or maybe it helped in this case!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  5. In my experience many, if not most, dog owners pay little attention to signs requiring them to leash their dogs. They seem to think they can flout that particular regulation with impunity, and for the most part I guess they do. In once saw a dog digging up rare orchids in a conservation area where I do bird bird monitoring and when I brought it to the attention of the owner and asked him to control his dog, his reply was "You can kiss my ass!"

    1. I've met that guy! It's something we all have to learn to deal with.