Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Gifts...

 An Eastern Bluebird catching a little ray of sunshine.

 Some days this time of year I find it a real struggle to get up and get out...cold...gray...blah. My bed is soooo warm and cozy and the chances of seeing any birds and getting a photo are slim. I'm just gonna roll over and pretend I'm asleep and ignore the daylight. Bah, gotta get up and get out! It's been a couple of weeks since I've been birding.

Yoiks! What's that blinding light? Huh, the sun is peeking through the clouds! Hmmm, the weatherman(ever so accurate along Lake Erie...not.) said it's going to rain. Well, there's enough sun peeking through the gray Christmas sky that I shall force myself to get up and out, just for you readers out there! I'm so thoughtful, aren't I?...yeah, and it's warmer out...

Ah, butt where to go? Stay close to's gonna rain eventually...shall I chase that stoopid otter again? Nope, did that yesterday. Aaaaaaa....hmmmm...MUNROE FALLS PARK! It's close with a lovely variety of habitat. I started on the meadow path, because I didn't see much ice on it and I'm sick of falling down. The very first birds I see are a tree full of Eastern Bluebirds! Then the sun breaks through once again. Merry Christmas birdies! What a great gift to get!

There was a nice mix of feathery friends out and I even had a Bald Eagle fly by over head!

 American Goldfinches were out en masse today! I love their winter plumage, their faces and necks seem to glow.

 This one didn't want his photo taken...

 I'm not sure what these shrubs were, other than popular to the American Robins...

 There were quite a few American Tree Sparrows out and about as well...and another goldfinch trying to get into the picture...

 The "Butt of the Day."

 What? I like to take butt shots of birds.
I'm not weird...really...well...never mind.

 It's amazing how I walk right past these nests along the trails during breeding season and never see them.
Time for new glasses?

 Black-capped Chickadee on speed.
He would not sit still.
Too much sugar.

 This Cedar Waxwing thought it was funny...wise guys...all of them.

 Really? Nope.

 Flying in to devour more little fruit...nummy Christmas treats!
I'll stick with cookies, thank you.

 Don't adjust your computer. This guy was having fun eating berries upside down.

 Once again, don't adjust your computer...or your neck.
Downy Woodpeckers sometimes like to walk sideways.
Nice change of "pace."
(Get it? "pace"..."walk"?...never mind...)

  More of that yummy mystery fruit...and a House Finch.

 Wow! A Tufted Titmouse sitting still AND on the ground!
I better get this shot fast.

 And as usual, he's angry and is going to use his mighty talons to tear my face off and eat my brains.
(Look it up on the internet! It' happens all of the time!)

 I think my screams of panic scared him.
He's trying to hide like chicken little under the leaves...
HEY! Stoopid! I can still see you!
Cute, butt not too bright.
Just like me!

 Yep, I'm gonna give up looking for those otters.
I don't think they really exist anyway...rumors, vicious rumors.

Until we meet again...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


  1. You have lots of cooperating subjects for your photos even if some of them were flying.

  2. Great photos, I rather like bird butt shots too! I am often surprised too by the location of nests. You walk right underneath them for months at a time and not see them. Love the photo of the cedar waxwing laughing.

  3. FYI, Dave. The unknown berries above are rose hips. Note the thorns on the stems. Happy New Year!!