Thursday, January 12, 2017

Just Some Burdz I Saw...part 797...

 Asheville has some of the best graffiti around!...and one odd burd...

And so goes the ever continuing saga of my trip to Asheville, North Carolina...will it never end?! day...

But until that dreaded day, here's some more burdies from around the woods and trails that we encountered on our morning there! Ha!

 It's always exciting when you get a lifer!
This Brown-headed Nuthatch was the high light of the trip!
(Sorry Brian and Caron...but it was!)

 There were American Goldfinch Gangs everywhere!
You had to watch your step...they were more than happy to roll you for your thistle.
Thistle thugs...yeth thir...

 It was nice to see Carolina Wrens singing their hearts out in Carolina!
I have a pair at my feeders daily, though I have yet to hear them sing.
Maybe if I opened my windows...nah...too cold.

 The lone Chipping Sparrow...where's you friends?

 I was amazed at how many Eastern Bluebirds we saw zooming around.
Most didn't want their portraits done.
Hmmm...hiding from someone?
 Why are Northern Mockingbirds so angry?

 ...and why won't House Wrens sit still for me?

 Another great surprise was finding this Hermit Thrush skulking through the scrub!

 And of course the Golden-crowned Kinglets won't sit still..too much sugar I fear...

What a gorgeous little flycatcher!
 This Eastern Phoebe on the other hand posed quite nicely. least for 3 seconds...
Places to go, bugs to eat!

 What do you think?

 I did see a squirrel though.
Probably as close as I'm going to get...

 Red-bellied Woodpeckers are the best for "Birds From Behind!"

 Don't tell the Song Sparrows this...
They have the skinniest heads!

 This Tufted Titmouse looked great with the fall foliage.
He was trying to hide under a leaf.
Didn't work so well...

 Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers are always a cool find!
I don't see them at home very often.

 Oooo...a Northern Flicker...or is it a Southern Northern Flicker?...uh...

 Nothing like topping off a great trip with a warbly thing!
Gotta love those hearty Yellow-rumped Warblies!
They can make it in the roughest weather!

I'll end on this warbly!

Until we meet again...and I torment you with more burdz and silliness...


  1. I'll bey you don't want this trip to end. It's always interesting to bird in a new location.

  2. Wow, you took some great photos. Love the Northern Mockingbird.

  3. Thanks for coming down to see us David! We always enjoy showing around Asheville newbies. There's always more to see, come back and we can continue our adventures together! ��

  4. Some of my absolute favorites! Glad you got to Asheville and had a great trip. Loved the photos!