Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Anybody Seen Any Otters Out There?

 So...a couple of weeks ago(obviously) it was quite warm and I suddenly came down with a mysterious illness and couldn't make it to work! I decided to take an aspirin and a convertible hoping that would ease my pain. It seemed to work and I figured I may as well go for a ride and see if I can some silly otters. I went to Pond Brook Reservation. I should know better by now. I found plenty of mud. Yep, mostly mud. My car is muddy now as well. Stoopid otters...

I did feel better though...(don't tell my boss...)
 The first sign of spring up not the American Robin! 
The real first sign is the Red-winged Blackbird. I didn't see one.

 Another good sign! The "weeds" are coming up!
I love dandelions.
We have a foot of snow now.
I don't think the dandelions are still there.

 With all of the unseasonable warmth(not climate change by the way) the frogs were out singing en masse.
Again, as of today, that water is frozen. Hopefully some of those green guys will make it through.


 This Green Frog popped up to say hello.
I think he saw his shadow and we're going to have 5 more weeks of winter.
More accurate than a silly ground hog.
It's true.

 I watched for a while....not because I thought the Woodpecker may be home, I was stuck in the mud.

 This White-breasted Nuthatch was laughing at me.
Some folks think that's their call, nope, that's them laughing at us.

 O-boy! A new book!  The NEW NEOTROPICAL COMPANION is a fantastic book covering all of the American tropics. It covers the species and the habitats from rain forests to cloud forests and more. It's an outstanding book if you're planning any trips to South or Central America for birding.
PLUS it features some wonderful photography by my good friend(and amazing guide!) Edison Buenano!

Not to change the subject...well yeah, I'm changing it...can't help myself!
Maybe the president and his staff of intellectuals should invest in a White-breasted Nuthatch!
As you can see, they are excellent at finding bugs...

Happy trails my buddies! Until we meet again...
 Vía con Dios amigos!

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