Thursday, May 4, 2017

And So It Begins...

 All hail the first warbly of May(sort of...) at Magee! has begun...the insanity of chasing warblies and migrants all over Magee Marsh...and Ottawa...and Metzger Marsh...and Sheldon Marsh...and...I'm tired already! So far I have 7 folders of photos taken in the past few weeks and the migration madness that I haven't labeled. So, the heck with it for now!

The first few pics here are from April 15th at Magee, a very quiet day, but a day off of work AND a day with the birds and good friends at Black Swamp! All in all it was still fun to be out searching through the tangles for anything moving. I love the hunt!

 I think this Great Egret was rather enamoured with itself...

 Blanding's Turtles are endangered, so it's always good to see one in Crane Creek!

 Sorry, but Horned Grebes still scare me.
Those screwy eyes!

 No time for you...sorry.

"Why is everyone ignoring me?"
 I felt bad for the dozens and dozens of Ruby-crowned Kinglets, just because they aren't warblies doesn't mean they aren't beautiful too!

 The last of the White-throated Sparrows...on the way to Canada...sounds like a good idea right now...

 These are from my second day at Magee. Off of work...and of course it's going to be a drizzly day. It is spring along Lake Erie after all! There was a little more excitement along the boardwalk on the 30th...and a few more people to say hello to. This time of year I see so many bird buddies that I only see at Magee during the Biggest Week. It's like a reunion...a reunion with my warbly friends too!

 You know you're having a good day when you open your mouth to sing and a bug flies in!
(Look real close!)
 The lone Black-throated Blue Warbly of the day.
 ...and the lone Blackburnian Warbly of the day too!
You can't always get a great photo, but you can always get a great memory!

 Holy cow! A Blue-gray Gnatcatcher sitting still for me!

 Did I mention that I saw a "few" Yellow-rumped Warblies?

 It's always a good day when you get a Chestnut-sided Warbly!
 There were also plenty of tail waggin' Palm Warblies  out too!

 I need to start shooting video so you could see his tail bobbing!
 I need to thank the nice couple that spotted this Green Heron along the creek on the opposite side of the boardwalk. 
I never would have seen it...color blind...and not too bright either(me that is.)

 Okay fine. Here's a proper photo of a Great Egret...

 This is the look I'll give you if you dare say "Oh, it's just another Yellow-rump."
Look at the colors and the patterns! You don't see that everyday!
 The Gray Catbird saying "Harry!"
Listen closely next time and you'll hear it!

 Folks sometimes go right past our regular residents like this Downy Woodpecker.
They deserve some lovin' too!

 Yep, lots of Palm Warblies...yep...
 This is, by far, the fattest Rose-breasted Grosbeak I have ever seen.
AND he just got here!

 Take a break from looking up and scan the mud in the marsh.
There's a Solitary Sandpiper and a Lesser Yellowlegs out there.
I'm sure there were a few others as well...and ducks...and...

 The couple that spotted the Green Heron also spotted this Sparrow.
For some reason people think I know what I doing...this time I got lucky and knew that was a Swamp Sparrow...hard to believe...
It's easy to believe this is the best shot I took...skills...yep...

 A little Muskrat love...

 And of course...a Yellow-rumped Warbly from behind!
You know I have a few of those!

 And for now, I'll leave you with this Chestnut-sided Warbly booty!
Enjoy the May Madness!!!

I hope to see you on the boardwalk in the upcoming weeks...make sure to say hello!

*A little rant to all of the folks that believe healthcare is only for those that lead "good' lives...I hope a bird shits in your mouth and you die of salmonella. I hope that wasn't too harsh...okay, back to birding...

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