Monday, May 1, 2017

Spring Babies...part two-ish...

 BIG babies! Somewhere in there sits two eaglets.

Where was I? Oh, Cuyahoga Valley National Park! As I said in the last post, this is a new area for me. Not too bad with a Bald Eagle's nest at one end and a Great Horned Owl's nest at the other...with plenty of fun birds packed in between!

These photos are from the first day that I visited, an overcast getting ready to drizzle day. I originally went there due to reports of a Yellow-throated Warbly that had been easily seen along the trail. That's a warbly I have yet to get a good photo of...still. One of these days! Now with all the excitement of Magee Marsh and the Biggest Week it may be postponed a bit...maybe an after work jaunt for some evening birding...

 Hiding waaaay back in the woods was this adult Bald Eagle keeping an eye on the kids...and me.
Not a happy bird.

 Speaking of babies...this Black-capped Chickadee and it's mate were busy excavating this hollow in a dead snag.
It was fun watching him fly to another tree to spit out the scrap.

 It was a good day to watch swallows zooming along the Cuyahoga River!
In addition to this Barn Swallow, the Tree Swallows were doing their best to make me dizzy and not sit still!

 There were gangs of Blue-gray Gnatcatchers out...catching gnats.
Next time you see one, thank him.

 Ah yes, the bad part of attending so many concerts in my younger days.
I can see his mouth open...but I don't hear a thing coming out.
Oh well...

 I hear the same thing with his bill closed...

 Those cute fuzzy Bee Bumbles were busy as...uh...bees!

 Another bird saving us from being eaten alive by bugs, remember to thank the Eastern Phoebes too!
Maybe write a letter to a politician telling them that you like nature, thank you very much.

 This is what a Great Blue Heron looks like after getting some bad fish.

 He was embarrassed that I took that photo.
Sorry. (Not really.)

 This House Finch was sharing the blossoms with the bumble bees...and titmouseses...and...

 This was one wacky Mallard.
He was doing some serious splashing and spinning in that puddle.

Just a little ducky fun I guess...

 This Midland Painted Turtle was confused by the whole display.

 "Mwahahahahahahahahaha!! You will NEVER find me!"

 Another happy find of the day was a number of Northern Rough-winged Swallows zipping around the river...and a couple even posing on a branch for me!

 Of course...Song Sparrows singing everywhere!

 That's a good looking bird. Yep.

 Woo-hoo! Warblies!
The Yellow-rumped Warblies were all over!
It must be spring!

 A shy little Tufted Titmouse.

 I listened to a recording of his song before I got to the park, just in case.
Amazingly enough I could hear it when I arrived!

 Not the greatest shots of a Yellow-throated Warbly, but I'm happy that I saw him!
The only other photo I have is of a male sitting in the very top of a tree..with sticks and leaves . 
Only I know he was in there!

 AND I even got a butt shot! Another good day to be out in nature...

Next post...high lights of Magee Marsh!

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