Sunday, May 7, 2017

Meanwhile, Back on the Boardwalk...

 The big storm has passed...

Saturday was a WHOLE different kind of day compared to Friday. Most of the flood waters had subsided enough to re-open the closed roads and birders were back out on the boardwalk at Magee. With the winds from the north continuing, the birds were few, butt still a fun time to be out...especially since I'm not soaked through today!

As you can see, I had a few new warblies on this day...and a bounty of booty shots to boot! In a sick way I enjoy hearing other birders complain about the birds facing the "wrong" way and hearing them mumble, over and over, "turn around!" You have to learn to love life from both sides! Enjoy it all, because these little feathered fliers will be gone in a few days!

 This Black-throated Green Warbly was living the high the tree tops...and moving fast!
"Gotta get them buggies while they're fresh!"

 This lone Blue-winged Teal was along the causeway to the marsh...and of course swimming away.

 This little Chipping Sparrow was trying to balance on the rope around the Bald Eagle's nest.
He looked like a trapeze artist with the wind blowing him back and forth.
(Nope, didn't take a pic of the eagles...)

 I wonder how many birders walked pass him without even noticing?

 Even this Great Egret posed properly along the south end of the boardwalk!


 This Ovenbird was one of the hardest birds I've ever tried to photograph.
He was moving so quickly in and out of the scrub and shadows.
Made me a dizzy boy!

 He sat still for a split second...then off again!

 LOTS of Palm Warblers wagging their tails.
Must be the happiest birds around!

 They were always close to the boardwalk...and watching the birders as much as we were watching them!

 This Racducoon in his cozy den woke up just long enough to scratch, then disappeared again into slumberland.

 Butterflies like this Red Admiral were back out in force today.

 It's always a treat to see a Snowy Egret...and no snow.

 It was still windy and this Tree Swallow was hanging on as tight as he could!

 I still love the patterns on the backs of sparrows.
I also keep calling White-throated Sparrows White-crowned...doh...throated...throated...throated...

 Speaking of nemesis day I'm going to get a photo of a WHOLE Wood Thrush...maybe.
That's what keeps going out birding...

 I told it was a "bootyful" day!
Even the Yellow Warblies were obliging.

 Still a couple of Yellow-rumped Warblies singing for the birders out there!

 Hmmm...female or first year?

As I mentioned in my last post, I stopped at Ottawa NWR to search, to no avail, for the Summer Tanager...which I've been told is in the same place I couldn't see him today. Oh well...

 There's a narrow brook that meanders through here seems to have turned into a small lake. 
Make sure your shoes are waterproof!

 Still lovin' those Brown Creepers!

 Here's your moment of "Aww."
A happy little Killdeer family

 Once it was decided I wasn't a threat, the little ones scrambled off to find something to eat.
They are amazingly fast!

 A couple of Sandhill Cranes flying off into the sunset...

 I made one last stop. While enjoying the fun and friendship at the Biggest Week hoopla at Maumee Bay Resort, I was asked by Kenn Kaufman if I'd seen the Marbled Godwit that was behind the Barnside Creamery ice cream shop. Nope, hadn't heard about that one. 

It was close to 8pm when I got there and couldn't see a thing. Luckily my friend Ed(also known as "The other Dave", long story...) showed up with a spotting scope and found it! Of course when I located it, it turned his back on me...YES! A fine "end" to another wonderful day of birding!

Stay tuned I'll be back out somewhere soon!

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