Thursday, May 11, 2017

Some Days...

 That's how I felt...
 Ya know, some days you think to yourself "I should stay home." But, it's May and I can't stop that craving for birds and WARBLIES! So, against my better judgement, out I went. I stayed close to home in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, along the Station Road trailhead. It's a good place to see some warblies, some duckies and lots of other birdies. (I think I'm turning back into a two year old suddenly..)

Vertigo and chasing birds can be exciting, you should try it! Just make sure there's somewhere soft to land nearby. Luckily things weren't that bad, birds were moving as slow as I was and I had a nice walk through the park.

 I still can't figure out what was up with this Pied-billed Grebe.
He had his head tucked in like he was rudely imitating the close by Mallards...
Grebes with attitude...I like it!

 In a tree close to the Great-horned Owl nest I posted was this White-breasted Nuthatch in his cozy abode.

 Here's a nice Wood Duck that doesn't have the spins!

 A Yellow-rumped Warbly!
I am a happy boy now!

 I was watching a few American Goldfinches flitting about and spotted this one with an odd looking molt...or maybe it was leucistic...or maybe just trying to be stylish.

 Avoid looking up when you have vertigo! Wheeee!!!!
Listening to this Baltimore Oriole sing was worth it.
I'll get a better shot next time.

 The Bull Frogs were out and looking for love....and flies.

 Ain't never gonna happen...

 This Northern Rough-winged Swallow was stretching and enjoying the warmth of the bright sun.

 Hey look! There's a branch in the way of that Pileated Woodpecker!...or is it "PIE-leated?"

 I don't see Red-headed Woodpeckers very often.
This one was working hard on that nest hole.

 With my sharp little eyes I Spotted this Sandpiper!
(That was clever how I did that, eh?)

 That's okay, the Tree Swallows didn't think it was funny either.
Ya know, I really was giggling to myself when I was out there!

 A wee little Tufted Titmouse hiding in the shadows...
Such a small bird with such a HUGE voice!

 I saw close to a dozen Warbling Vireos, many chasing each other through the trees...

 ...and some just sitting quietly observing life.

 Okay, there's an area that has at least two White-eyed Vireos that folks have been getting amazing photos of. "Just be patient, they'll come right out for you." How often have I heard that line...
So I wait...then I see TWO chasing each other like jets through the scrub.
Do they ever sit still? Nope.
Then a bird perches right above the scrub. I get one shot, a butt shot of course, and then it's off.
As I look at that that really the vireo...?

 Okay, that's a Wood Duck and it's sitting still. I'm better now.

 Love those Eastern Phoebes with their little waggly tails!

 SOmetimes looking down pays off!
This Hairy Woodpecker was having a feast at the base of this tree.

And one last warbly before I called it a day and went home!
This is the first year I've Yellow-throated Warblies so many times!

Okay kiddies...I'll be back at Magee this weekend!
See ya soon!

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