Friday, May 12, 2017

Oh. Snap. Warblies!

 Black-and-White Warblies are my favorites!
This was the only one I saw today...where they hidin'?

 It's 9:45pm...I just arrived home and I'm feeling a little punchy right now, sooooo...I'm going to post some of the warblies I saw at Magee Marsh today...then take a nap and start over again Saturday!

 A hot little Black-throated Blue Warbly lady...

 She got the attention of this male Black-throated Blue!

 LOTS of Black-throated Green Warblies were out today!

 I saw two Blackburnian Warblies, they seemed to like being in the shade when I pointed my camera in their direction.

 A gorgeous bird!

 Not a warbly, but Blue-headed Vireos try really hard, so I'll let them in!

 This Common Yellowthroat was hopping from the top of this tree, then back to the bottom, over and over.
It was fun watching the birders trying to find him!

 This Nashville Warbly looked unsure about where he was...ain't in Tennessee!

 This Northern Parula put on a full color show for everyone!

 He even sat still...for a second...

No beak.

 A Palm Warbly...looking for a palm to rest on?

 I know, not a warbly.
BUT it's a WARBLING Vireo!
So, it's close enough.

 Oboy! Yellow Warblies are building a nest!
Baby warblies!

 The male turned his back on me.
Why do birds do that to me?

Last, but not least(that would be a flycatcher...or a Tern) is a Yellow-rumped Warbly!

I'll be back out somewhere...Magee...Ottawa...Maumee...on Saturday!

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