Thursday, June 22, 2017

Hunting the Wiley Wild Otter...will it never end?

 An Eastern Notanotter....very rare beast...

Here I am at Pond Brook once again...this time earlier in the morning. As you can see, I heard more splashing, jumped up and get another shot of a Muskrat...I could hear him laughing too. Nutz...

 I know they're over there somewhere!
I find you, you stinkin' otters!!!


 I did find this Groundhog baby chillin out at the edge of the parking lot.

 It was an unusually quiet morning with very few birds out and about.
I did see lots of dragonflies along the brook.
I believe this is a female Common Whitetail.

 ...and this is the male Common Whitetail.

 There was also a large group of Eastern Forktail damselflies ovipositing along the edge of the brook.
Healthy water!

 One of the few birds that came out...sort of...a Gray Catbird.
I heard Yellow Warblers, Common Yellowthroats and Song Sparrows singing, but none came into view....just like that otter...

 Ooo...another lil Groundhog...cruisin' low and slow...
 I chased this Rose-breasted Grosbeak from tree to tree, before he finally sat still for a second.

 In other news...
 On a walk after work at Wood Hollow I had a little excitment!

When I stepped onto the boardwalk, a Wild Turkey hen exploded off the side of the trail and into the trees...scaring the, uh, stuff out of both of us! I could hear her squawking somewhere in the distance. Then I noticed a few of the leaves seemed to be moving! I looked down and right along the path a half dozen little Turklettes were scurrying about! After a bit they all froze in place, heads down hoping that I wouldn't eat them. No chance, they aren't ripe yet...

No camera on the walk, but I had my trusty cell phone...much lighter...

Little Turklette pretending to be invisible...and not well.

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I'll see you soon!

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