Thursday, June 29, 2017

No Otters...Only Birds...stoopid waste of time...#@%$*!!

 If Common Yellowthroats are so come I don't commonly see them? Hmmm?

A nice walk through Tallmadge Meadows  after work...I didn't feel like going to the grocery store...or doing anything that resembles a editing and printing photos for my next photo show at Carlisle Visitors Center which starts this Saturday, July 2nd(unashamed plug!

This park is very close to home and I go there just to walk quite often...this time I took my camera...just in case! I saw a bird or two...or mammals...we no longer say the "O" word around here...

I bumped into, and apologized to, a number of folks that wondered what I was seeing, and of course I told them about every bird in the area...trying not to bore them too badly. I also talked to a few of my birdy buddies as well, most didn't answer back. It was late, they were tired, it is nesting time after all and there's lots of screaming babies out there!

 This guy was in the woodland area of the park...with all of the flycatchers around I was getting confused. I think this one is an Eastern Wood-Pewee...I think...

 Pterodactyl...very rare sighting these days!

 Even this Indigo Bunting was amazed at the sight of that dinobird!

 I can't repeat the words this Song Sparrow was saying to me.
Let's just say he's not open minded to pterodactyls...
I couldn't tell for sure, but he may have been "right winged"...

 I'll bet you thought you wouldn't see this today!

 Aaaaaaah! Empids!
How about a Willow Flycatcher...I could hear that "fitzbew" call all over the meadow.

 This was a great surprise!
I heard a bird singing in the top of this tree...not quite sounding like a Baltimore Oriole...but close.
I walked back and forth trying to spot the bird, when he finally hopped to the top and belted out his happy song.
It's an Orchard Oriole! I was ever so excited...

 And there were one or two...hundred...Red-winged Blackbirds screaming at me as I walked around the meadow. Angry little guys, aren't they?

 You know I can't walk past a Song Sparrow without getting one more shot!
Lucky for you I won't post them all.
My 1tb hard drive is almost full!
Time to get another hard drive...3 terabyte?...maybe 4...

 Another Flycatcher saying hello!
They were catching lots of bugs that night...happy tummies...and I didn't get any bug bites!

 Another Empidonax...they're making my brain itch!

 There's a little Yellow Warbly buddy hiding in there!
I think he has a nest deep in that scrub. Lots of flying back and forth.

Hard to believe, but I have a lot more photos to share of the meadows!
Including a chat with this fine fellow!

Until we meet again...Happy Birding!

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