Thursday, July 27, 2017

Meanwhile, Back in Carolina...

 Somewhere, back in there are a few Wood Ducks and a Great Blue Heron!

 Ah, another beautiful day in Asheville with birds singing and wonderful sunshine to start my morning walk around Biltmore Lake. I had a quick walk in the morning and a much longer walk in the evening with Caron and Brian. I'll tell ya, it's really rough having to visit the boss...and spend time wandering around looking at nature...I mean talking about the inner workings (this short video shows what REALLY goes on!) of Clearsonic Mfg...yeah, that's what we talked about...all day...honest...

But anyway...
 The American Goldfinches have it made down here!

 With all of the lush greenery and juicy worms, this American Robin was still cranky!
Must be all the obnoxious tweets he hears...
 I had a few nice shots of this Brown-headed Nuthatch, but this one was just a bit Nuttier...

 I rarely get a nice close view of a male Northern Cardinal. 
For some reason, this guy was very patient with me...and I thanked him.
Caron and Brian kinda ignore me when I talk to

 Something up above really got the attention of this Chipping Sparrow.
Maybe and evening snack?


 This is very rare photographic evidence that Green Herons do the Hokey-Pokey.
"You put your left wing out..."

 "You put your right wing out..."
And then you vote the bums out of office.
Sorry...had to do it....I have a bad case of Trumpitis... 
Sad, very sad...

 This guy loves looking at himself too...
"I'm so handsome, I'll make Heron great again..."

 Anyway, it's getting dark out(not unlike America's future) and the birds are getting harder to photograph. This juvenile American Robin took once last look around before bedtime.

Brian is getting good at spotting birds!
This Black-and-White Warbly was skulking in a darker corner of the trail when Brian saw it.
I just shot quickly without adjustments, you never want to dawdle when a warbly is involved!
We'll have to make a "Warbly Award" for him!

 I saw House FInches that were more on the yellowy side in Florida once. 
I was surprised to see them here as well.

 One of my last shots of the evening was this Eastern Kingbird surveying his realm.
Somewhere behind us we could hear a Yellow-billed Cuckoo calling.
I went back to the area the following morning and heard him calling again, but could never locate him. I guess I'll have to go back...

 While we were watching the sunset, the moon rose and gave us an equally lovely view.

 One butt for the road...and I dedicate this ass to the republicans that believe everyone should have a gun to shoot their neighbors, and Right to Life is only important until you're born, then you have no right to live a healthy life.
Only in America...great...

Until we meet again...

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