Thursday, August 3, 2017

Back in Time...

 Sometimes they're up!

Yep...I'm getting confused as to what day I'm living in...I have trips and photos going back to May(!) that I haven't gone through...yet...This is an evening walk after work waaaay back at the beginning of June in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. This trip was along the Ira Road trailhead through the beaver marsh...otters?

I need to make it back there, there's been a Least Bittern showing himself lately...if only I could retire...maybe I should have a "Go Fund Me" page so I can raise enough money to be a full time slacker and take photos of birds all day! Hmmm...

Well, in the meantime I'll finish this and get to work...

Actually if you listen closely to a Gray Catbird calling, he is saying "David."

 Yo can tell this was a while ago...the lotus pods weren't open yet...

 Oo...Oo...Oo...nope, it's a Muskrat...

 Nope, not an otter yet.

 Of course there were dozens of Song Sparrows songing.
Yes, songing.
Why do you think they call them SONG Sparrows? Cause they song.
 Speaking of's a frog...
 (Clever how I did that, eh?)

 It's M'lady Mallard...and child.

 This Mourning Dove was cooing up a storm...with no takers.

 Oh my.
It's a young pair of Notanotters!

 Yes I know.
Do I HAVE to take a photo of EVERY Song Sparrow I see?

 A bad attitude coming my way.
Midland Painted Turtles are feeling cranky lately too.

 Nutz...another Notanotter...

 This fierce Northern Cardinal was preparing to dive at me and eat my face.
Lucky I'm quick!
He missed...

 Yep, you guessed it!

 More Green Herons in the trees than in the water tonight!

 A Tree Swallow getting home to the wife and kids...

 And then coming out to give me the crazy eye...

 But they're just so cute and all songy like!

 Finding an Orchard Oriole singing was a pleasant surprise!

 Pretty flower.

 This Green Heron was stumped...

I'm out.
No rambling rants today.
I'm sick of it.
Only birds...yep...just birds...
No comments about someone telling inaccurate truths.
While in a major "elected" office.
Nope, I won't go there.

Until next time...get out and help the birds!

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