Thursday, August 24, 2017

An Otter Has Been Seen!...

...BUTT not by me...

 The beautiful Beaver Marsh in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park...sans otters...

So...apparently everyone thinks it's funny to mention the otters they of these days, someones gonna go swimming in that marsh! I lied to my brother Phil to get him up early and took him to look at birds...and maybe even an otter! I thought he would bring luck(or at least lunch!) At least he made lunch at little later...

I bumped into quite a few birders that were looking for the Least Bitterns and their offspring. One nice guy(I forget names, sorry!) mentioned that he sees the otters often and has photos...I haven't seen the photos...he was making things up just to get a laugh between he and my bro...argh.

 Right...they're real...and the I'll bet you think the earth is round too...

 We did see the moon...I think it's flat too.
And the sun revolves, flatly of course, around us.
You can't believe fake science!

 So, anyway, I did manage to see two of the juvenile Least Bitterns
Phil saw a "fuzzy brown spot."
That would be a lifer "fuzzy brown spot" for him.

 They were a bit far out there in the branches.
This is blown up quite a bit.

 This is Phil walking away from me because I talk to strangers.
Too much apparently..."birdsbirdsbirdsbirds...birds..."

 That's  Phil walking even faster and further.
Poor Phil.
I drove.
He'll have to wait for me.

 This is a Bluet sp. of damselfly.
I did this for Phil.
He hates bug photos.
I like to bug him.

 This is a juvenile Least Bittern zooming away from me too.
Must have been something I said...
...or something Phil said about me...

 Enough of that's a juvenile Cedar Waxbean.

 This is a very shy Eastern Phoebe.
And yes, I said "Cedar Waxbean."

 I asked Phil what species of flycatcher this was.
He was too far away to hear me.
I think it's a Willow...maybe...
Phil? PHIL!!
 I must admit, European Starlings are very attractive birds.
I just wish they would attract themselves back across the ocean.
The Tree Swallows and Woodpeckers feel the same way.

 If you listen very closely, you can hear that fish saying "Oooh Nooooo!"
That Great Blue Heron took his time, trying to shake off the veggies before he swallowed the fish.

 Oh my gosh! Two weeks in a row I managed to get a Northern Cardinal to stand still!
They're finally listening to me!
More than I can say about Phil...

 Another shy Green Heron.

 Oh! Signs of a beaver in the marsh.
Oh, and a Red-winged Blackbird too.

 I love them lil Song Sparrows!

 They like to play in the mud.

 Why I do believe that's the butt of a Swamp Sparrow!

 They look so much like Song Sparrows except they have little bitty beaks for eating little bitty buggies.
Another new one for Phil...where ever he went...
 A male Wood Duck dressed in a more casual mode.

 Easily distracted, I see Honey and Bumble Bees!

 And another male Wood Duck...

 And a female Wood Duck giving me the stare down...just like Phil!
I must have been doing something wrong that day...I can't imagine.

 Ooooo...pretty water lily...

 It was truly surprising how many younger Wood Ducks were swimming amongst the weeds and what not in the marsh.
There were some "busy" duckies this summer!
 One butt for the road!
I have to find Phil...

 Until next time kiddies! Happy birding!

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