Saturday, January 26, 2019

What Day Is It?

 It's hard to sneak up on American Goldfinches to get the proper angle!

 Today's post goes back to two days in late November and early December when I visited my buddies at the Black Swamp Bird Observatory and Magee Marsh. (Yep, you're right. I haven't been out much lately with the camera...)

No lil warbly things out this time of year, butt there's always something to see out the people are nice!

 The Goldie caught me!

 Eastern Fox Squirrels ALWAYS seem to be eating...I wonder what that is?

 Still not a fan of European Starlings since they take over cavities that our native birds need to nest in.

 It was a bit on the cold and windy side and this Great Blue Heron was trying to hunker down to stay warm.
I asked if he wanted to sit in my car for a bit, he declined.

 Be vewy, vewy quiet...this Great Egret is hunting fwogs...shhhh...

 A Red-bellied Woodpecker striking a dramatic pose.

 Why looky there! They really do have a red belly, and this one is banded too!
Must have been a friend of Black Swamp!

 It's always fun to hear the crazy sounds these Rusty Blackbirds make!
There was a flock skulking through the wetlands.

 And he even turned around for me!

 Tufted Titmouseseses look so cute...butt I'll bet he would try to eat my face off if he was bigger.
I can tell by that look in it's eye...

 Speaking of face eaters, this White-breasted Nuthatch was busy eating the faces of bugs under the bark...

There were dozens of Wooly Bear caterpillars wandering across the boardwalk.
That stripe doesn't actually predict the harshness of the winter by the way...

One of these days I'll post something new...or more warblies from May to chase away the winter blahs!

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