Sunday, May 5, 2019


I was at Magee Marsh today(go figure?) and I was told by a friend there was a yellow-headed blackbird at Howard Marsh just a few miles away. Of course he said "It's right near the road, easy!" No, sorry...that evil spawn of Satan bird has been hiding from me for years! There is no way it will be anywhere near the road by the time I get there. He'll fly back to Wyoming or Minnesota or anywhere away from me.

Nope, there he was right by the road in full view. I even had time to park my birdmobile and saunter to the field where my new best friend was chowing down on buggies. A good day indeed!

See ya soon!
If you're at Magee or Maumee Bay next weekend, look for me or my lil white Fiat Abarth and say hello! I have free postcards with me!

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