Monday, May 9, 2022

The Biggest Week in American Birding is Back!!!

 Last August a very destructive storm came through the area and took out many of the large cottonwoods and other trees that we were used to seeing loaded with warblies.

Well kids, after two longs years of birding alone at Magee Marsh, The Biggest Week in American Birding has come back live and in person! There have been many changes, especially the loss of many of the largest trees. Fortunately, the birds don't care and are arriving daily to our delight! Some of the boardwalk was damaged as well, but has been rebuilt just in time.

One of the bald eagle nests was lost in the storm, but a new one in the middle of the boardwalk has appeared. The high point of my latest trip to the marsh was a Kirtland's Warbly so close I couldn't use my camera! I did manage a couple of shots with my cell phone...I have to start carrying a short lens!

It was a slow day with very heavy winds blowing in across the lake keeping our little buddies further inland away from the marsh. This coming week will be excellent with the winds shifting and the warming weather! I can't wait to get back over there!

I volunteered two days to lead beginners bird walks at Pearson Metropark in Oregon, Ohio this past weekend. I had a great time with a wonderful group of birders and a few other guides from Zeiss Optics and Sabrewing Nature Tours. I'm looking forward to more beginners!

A Kirtland's Warbly too close for a camera! He was about four or five feet away!

A Black-capped Chickadee with a healthy snack...better than the junk I was eating!

A very sleepy Downy Woodpecker...that happens to all of us on the boardwalk!

One of my favorite birds! A Gray Catbird...meow...

One of those days with the birds very close, like this Great Egret...

A Greater Yellowlegs with very mucky legs!

I'm always pleased that Green Herons are so willing to pose!

This Killdeer was photo-bombed by that Yellowlegs!

The Kirtland's Warbly finally rose up into the trees and far enough away that I could use my camera...too bad about the growing greenery...

My best shot ever of the Kirtland's!!!!

Yep, I never get a "normal" shot...everyone always has to make a face...or butt when I'm around!

A happy lil Palm Warbly out shaking his tail feathers!

Finding this White-eyed Vireo was great luck, especially from behind! 

I never did see the other side...maybe next time...

 Of course my only view of a Wood Thrush...with a little something stuck on his beak!

I'll leave you with this Yellow Warbly!

 I'll be at Maumee Bay and Magee and the surrounding areas next weekend too! Stop me and say hello if you can!!...until next time...

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