Wednesday, May 17, 2023

I'm Behind Again...and so are my photos!

 Howard Marsh at sunset...

Howard Marsh is an amazing place! Open for the past three years , it was farm land for the last hundred years or so. Donated to the Toledo Metropark system, they've done an astounding job of transforming the land back to it's original marsh habitat.

There's plenty of trails wrapping around and going through the area. You'll have the opportunity year round to see a number of species that migrate through, ducks in fall and winter, shorebirds in early spring and late summer and all of the wonderful migrants that make the Biggest Week in American Birding so great!

The high point for me was seeing the breeding black-necked stilts! It's been nearly sixty years since they bred in northern Ohio...and now we have TWO pair nesting here! And on top of that they're easy to see with one pair nesting near the benches near the boardwalk.

Next time Magee Marsh...and WARBLIES!!!!

The boardwalk is fantastic for seeing the stilts, grebes and coots...even old ones like me!

A juvenile bald eagle was eating his dinner atop a muskrats home...yummee!

A pair of American wigeons, a couple of gray and white things(ho-hum) and a peep gang!

Black-necked stilt booty!!
A stilt trying to get away from me...I can't understand why...
One of the two pairs nesting and breeding here!
I think I was discovered staring...
Them leggies is long!
Blue-winged teal waaaaaay back in the marsh...

this is cropped quite a bit!

Just a lowly brown-headed cowbird...
Lots of great egrets were fishing in the marsh...
A lonely horned grebe just floating through life...
This killdeer was leading me away from it's nest... supervision required for this Osprey photo!

Baby making time!

Taking a break after his little soiree...
Even the red-winged blackbird was shocked!
Hmmm...a semipalmated sandpiper, a dunlin and a lesser yellowlegs(which is hard to tell from that angle!)
Another semipalmated sandpiper and a lesser yellowlegs...maybe... not the best with shore birds butt I'm trying!
And my little song sparrow buddy!

Stay tuned for the warbly migration at Magee Marsh and the Biggest Week in American Birding!



  1. Your blog is lovely, thank you for putting in so much effort to share these beautiful photos!

  2. Thanks for making the topic so engaging. Your post was a pleasure to read!