Monday, March 18, 2024

Costa Rica...the Adventure Continues...

Hey! That's me on the whales tail!

Hello again from Costa Rica! We took a couple trip today, we'll start with a visit to Parque Nacional Marino Ballena. Great beaches and scenery abound here. We spent time just chilling on the beach, then Brian and I wandered out to the Whales Tail. When the tide is low the area where I'm standing above becomes visible and it's shaped like a whales tail! This appropriately named area is the best place to see Humpback whales during their breeding season, no whales today but we did spot a few dolphins waaaay off shore. Along with the beach area, there are hiking trails through the lowland rainforest and a mangrove estuary, which we'll see more of soon! 

If you get to visit this beach...beware of falling coconuts! Ha! They missed me!

Just like at home! A spotted sandpiper at the edge of the mangrove estuary.


 The ever present great-tailed grackle...they we the most numerous bird we saw.

 Earlier in the day, yes, I'm out of order...again...oh well, you'll get over it...anyway...earlier we went to visit the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary ( ). They're a great rescue and rehabilitation organization. Their main goal is the recovery and release of wildlife back to their native habitat. They have a 24/7 vet clinic and great volunteers to help the animals they receive. Some animals have suffered road strikes, abuse and domestication. They provide a great haven for the animals that can't be re-released into the wild.

They also provide education to local children and visitors like us!
 All cuddled up in his hidey hole is an northern tamandua, a type of anteater, very shy...
 This black-mandibled toucan, though they called a yellow-throated toucan, can no longer fly and is a permanent resident.

 Another black-mandibled toucan, but a free flying visitor!
 What happy little teeth you have!
This is a collared peccary I forget his name, but I'll call him Gregory...Gregory Peck-ory...ha...sorta...
Speaking of shiny teeth, they also have a crocodile.

This yellow-naped Parrot is named Lora, usually very talkative, like most females, she stopped talking while I was there...
Did you know, they can up to 60 years in captivity?! 
 Unfortunately they have several yellow-naped parrots that can't be released into the wild.
 This is Lapa, one of the two scarlet macaws they have.
People should NOT have these as pets
Spiderman!'s a spider monkey at least as agile in the trees as Spiderman!

This white-faced capuchin looks so sad and innocent, but he loves to throw things and splash water at anyone that nears his enclosure!
That's all for today! I have plenty more to share so stay tuned!

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