Thursday, March 28, 2024

Pura Vida, the Great Life Contunues....

The beach in of excellent smoothies!

Meanwhile, back in the warmth of Costa Rica...

This day was sort of a day off to rest and recuperate from the hiking and sweating in the forest primeval. And what did we do? Go to the beach along the pacific shore to dabble in the water...and sweat a little more. I discovered how out of shape I am this winter! I REALLY needed this day for a little rest. Ahhh, chillin' under a coconut really is "Pura Vida" down here!

Of course with Brian at the helm, a man who can't sit still for more than 30 seconds, and that's pushing it, we ended up  wandering through the jungle at the beaches edge and over a small river in search of gold...or birds...whichever...

Here's some more evidence that I wasn't in Ohio anymore!

Yep, still dealing with that birds from behind these days I'll get it right...or not.

By the way, that's a black-hooded antshrike.

We saw hundreds of brown pelicans sailing and hunting fish over the ocean...or was it the same 12 every time? Hmmm...

Yeah, I know, he's out of focus...actually that's one of their defense mechanisms. Honest.

This is a flower...with ants. Yep.

In case you were wondering, yes indeed, this is another flower. You can find flowers FEBRUARY!

This is Bob. Bob is a great-tailed grackle...and he followed us. Good dancer too by the way...

This crabby crab is a hermit crab that was feeling crabby.


Now here's a raptor, and I'm stumped on what he is. He looks like a juvenile with that much barring and he has a full crop. 

Hunting at the forest edge must be good!

 Brian makes a great bird spotter, he saw the raptor and this red-naped woodpecker before me...I was still watching Bob the grackle dancing...


Just like home! A bird I know, a spotted sandpiper in his winter home!

 He was hunting along the rivers edge and caught something tasty!

Zoom in!


 I knew I wasn't home anymore when we saw this variegated squirrel...a coat of many colors! 


Well, back to the real world...until next week when I post more of my adventures in Costa Rica!


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