Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Friday on my mind...

This is THE closest my lens will focus! Little Magnolia here wanted to see if I was a Canon or a Nikon shooter.

Here's a few of my fav-o-rite warbly things that I photographically captured this past Friday when Miss Doodles and I walked the boardwalk at Magee Marsh.

An American Redstart, from behind, yes! Are you ready for Loopy Dave's Field Guide to the Bird Butts of North America?

I am finally getting close enough to be able to shoot a Common Yellowthroat. How do they know they're common? It may be the same one you hear all day long. I think they should be called "Raccoon Warbler."

I like Maggies! They may seem to be plentiful, but Magnolia Warblers are such gorgeous birds to view none the less!

This Mourning Warbler was a difficult bird to get. There were only a few spotted and I showed up at just the right time. Once again being the skinny guy in the crowd paid off!

Some consider the Nashville Warbler "plain." Do you really think a warbler can be plain? Nah.

Let's's on the north side of the boardwalk, it's in the water and it looks like a thrush. Hmmm, it must be a Northern Waterthrush. Gosh, I'm good...

Another "common" warbler, the Yellow-rumped Warbler. Except ya' can't see it's rump, can ya?! How often do you get a chance to see the yellow stripe on the crown? A Yellow-crowned-Yellow-rumped-Black-masked-Yellow-sided Warbler. So there.

I'd type something clever here, but it's past midnight and I am the sleeeeepy boy... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...