Sunday, June 7, 2009

More May-hem from Magee Marsh

Who's got happy feet! I'll bet you didn't know these little guys were such good dancers!

Meanwhile, marching through the madcap Magee Marsh a month ago in May-hem, many magnificent multicolored masters of migration paused momentarily for a meal (yoiks, that's a lot of 'm' words) while your mad maestro of booty committed them to memory.

My, my.

Who's got a colorful little noggin?

...and a colorful little tushy? The Doodles doesn't like the word "tushy" by the way...

Don't be shy, everyone wants to know who you are!

Oh my gosh, he's sitting still! At least for a second...Do you know him?

Masterful deduction! It is indeed, a Bay-Breasted Warbler!

What wild, wiggly Warbler will wander in this window next?