Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A photo essay on the intelligence and memory of Eastern Bluebirds in Western Ohio.

A rare sight, Eastern Bluebirds in an Eastern Bluebird box.

This Tree Swallow takes exception with the term "Eastern Bluebird box."

A fierce battle ensues...

Dive bombing!

No biting below the belt!

Now the Tree Swallow has stooped to taunting! "I got yer sunshine here, Mr. Bluebird!"

"Ah, honey, something doesn't look right."

Oops, honey, what's that back there?

*Please note the "You're an idiot" look the female is giving the male and the typical quiet stare of said male.

Oh, uh, sorry about that neighbor!

"Hey Bluebird! I got yer sorry right here!"

Everyone is happy in their own homes...at least for now...

Yep, this really happened outside of the Carlisle Nature Center. We were out to set up our display of "The Birds and Beauty of Britain." When we went on a short walk afterwards, this was the event that unfolded.

The light was harsh as this happened at high noon...appropriate, eh?