Monday, August 31, 2009

A pretty bird...for a change...

Getting the 'crazy eye' times two!

Yes, I have been cranky of late...crazy politicians...a lack of birds, at least ones close enough to shoot, I apologize. Back to the birds at hand! They're worth two in a bush you know.

I just got home from my hour drive from work (cranky?, yes.) and looked out the dining room window to spy this female Rose-breasted Grosbeak on our feeder! We haven't seen her since spring time, I guess she was too busy to say hello this summer. No matter, she's back and she's been in and out all evening. Love them sunflower seeds!

I cranked up the ISO on the camera to 1600 and aimed through the smudgy glass (don't tell the Doodles I said that!) and took a shot. What do you know, it actually came out. Rosy and the House Sparrow saw me ogling them through the window pane and both gave me the crazy eye!
I am in a much better mood now. Thank you Rosy!

Here's a gorgeous male from a previous outing.
I wonder where they came up with the name for this species...

I also realized I haven't been posting enough bird booty for you, so here's a little Rose-breasted Grosbutt.