Thursday, October 1, 2009

My little Chickadee...

"Hmmm, this one is just right!"

October 1st, I miss summer already, but I am excited that we are only 6 months away from spring migration! You have to put things in the proper perspective every once in a while, to keep one sane as I watch the leaves fall, waiting for me to rake them up, and pick them out of the little ponds before they clog the pumps, and clear them from the gutters...and...

The White-throated Sparrows are back en masse today! I watched them under the feeders and bushes in the back gardens upon my arrival home from the 'grind.' I went for the camera to make a feeble attempt at hand holding "The Beast" and getting a few shots of our feeders. Those little buggers sure can hide in the foliage when they spot a camera! Put it down and they continue to feed, lift it up and adios! I nabbed a couple before the sun began to set in our jungle of a yard.

The good thing about having a heavily planted(that's what I call it!) yard and gardens is the number of birds and wildlife that you can attract, even in an urban area like ours. The bad thing is, with all of the landscaping the birds have too many places to hide, and who knows what other feathery friends are lurking within!

After he picks the perfect seed, he whizzes within feet of my head to his favorite branch to open and savour his special treat.
Our birdies know that when I get home I'll be filling the feeders for them, and they wait in the bushes and low trees calling back and forth.
Very impatient...

This poor little House Sparrow, newly on his own and being ignored by an adult.
He just wants a little help getting started!

My buddy the White-throated Sparrow.
Of the half dozen or so out this evening, this was the slowest of the bunch.
Either that or he was just so hungry after travelling from Canada(Hi Susan!) he didn't care if I was watching!
Our White-breasted Nuthatches are the noisiest eaters around!
As you can tell by the leaves in front of the camera, I was trying to hide so I could sneak a shot of Mr. Downy.
He doesn't like paparazzi...
If anyone needs any Eastern Chipmunks, we have WAY too many! They don't even care about our attack Squirrel anymore.

It has had a bad effect on the Squirrels ego...