Sunday, October 4, 2009

Themeless Thunday Here Tho Thoon?

Tho, how many Doveth do you have to thqueeth to make a bar of "Dove" thoap?

Thunday, Thunday, Thunday!!

And I'm thad. We were at the BirdMobile this weekend and I'm so, so sad. It's the end of the the season and we are starting the 'winterizing' projects. Today I put in the storm windows to keep in a little warmth during our last few weekends out here. We will be done at the end of October. 6 more months until spring migration!! The Doodles cleaned out the Hummingbird feeder...after chasing the Yellow Jackets away! I was at the window yelling "BUZZ-BUZZ" and watching her jump every time! I'm a bad man...

We went to visit Julie the Bander, Kimmay, Hugh and Krazy Karen at BSBO on Saturday...and, o-boy are we going to have an exciting news flash for you! Stay tuned!

Jim McCormac told us these were Great Plains Ladies Tresses, I trust him...
Now I have to go out and buy a wildflower more thing to squeeze into my tiny, feeble brain...

This is an easy one! An Asian Multicolored Lady Beetle on Queen Anne's Lace.
I think...

That's a Large Milkweed Bug on some Large Milkweed.
There's a few Small Large Milkweed Bugs on the left of the Large Milkweed Bugs on the Large Milkweed.
Got Milk?

I'm not sure what this is even though I planted it outside of our kitchen window.
It just looked pretty through the screen, so there.
*According to Gabrielle, this is a type of Sedum. I do remember planting that out there somewhere!

Doodles found this in her caterpillar book, yeah Doodles!
It's a Catalpa Sphinx Moth.

Another wildflower found behind the nature center at Ottawa NWR.
The Ottawa driving tour will be open on Saturday October 10th!

You can get to a lot of areas normally closed to the public.
Important update! Thanks to Jann, this is a Garden Coreopsis!
Poor Jann, she has snow on the ground already. Send her a few warm comments!

Doodles spotted this one too! It's a Smeared Dagger Moth.

I wonder what kind of "Dove" soap we'll get from this end...eeewwwww!


  1. Another highly amusing, great post, thanks for the smile as I look out at the first SNOW day...eeeeekkk...that yellow flower w/ red center is a garden coreopsis, thays thhe who doeth have a wildflower field guide...or two...and had to ID it herself earlier this year...that's a particularly lovely butt on that I know why I don't use Dove soap anymore...!

  2. Hi Dave,
    I love the first shot and the last one of course. I've added one of this nice butt pictures on my blog too!!! A scaup did not want to turn the nice way this week end!!!

  3. I still don't understand why it floats...

  4. I believe that the flower that you planted outside your kitchen window is a sedum. The leaf structure looks like my Autumn Joy sedum, and the flower shape looks the same although mine is deep pink/red. But then again I could be totally wrong - I AM in need of new glasses, after all.

  5. ...tell Doodles I say hi...and good job IDing those caterpillars. My brain seems feeble too...with the flowers and the caterpillars and the bugs...I'll never get it all. Loved Ann Arbor--but it was at least 10 degrees cooler up there. I suspect you have temps closer to Ann Arbor's. I'm in no hurry for those cold temps!