Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hey, Guys! Where'd ya go?

The cable is re-attached and we're back in business! Stoopid Chipmunks...

Anyway, we took a break from closing down the BirdMobile for the winter, boo-hoo, and went for a woodsy walk at Ottawa NWR. The air was crisp and the breeze was breezy(very poetic, eh?) A nice autumn day to see our migrating bird buddies out and about.

The only problem? HEY GUYS! WHERE'D YA GO?! We walked, and we walked a little more, and then we walked some more, no birds, just the sound of the wind blowing through the trees and the falling leaves. I guess that's why they call it 'fall.'

As I was getting a little perturbed, not to mention upset, I decided to practice my 'stick' shots.
You know, you can never have too many pics of sticks. Some people go through my photos and think those we're accidents, or I missed the bird, but no, I shoot those on purpose. I like sticks...and leaves...and rocks.

The REAL problem arises when the Doodles gets angry!
As you can tell, when she doesn't see any birdies, she gets this possessed look about her and starts flapping and growling and running in circles! At that point, I tend to run and hide until the Exorcist thing subsides.
Hopefully a bird will appear soon...or Doodles has to find her own way home...

You've heard of Squirrel Cuckoos.
Well this is a very rare Northern Squirrel Pecker. Honest.
Can I say that?
Yes! At long last, the Doodles head spinning routine pays off and we found a flock of American Goldfinches! Yes, I know, that doesn't look like a flock...

This is what being under a Bald Eagle looks like!
It looks like he just ate as his crop is bulging. Lucky for me, he hasn't digested anything yet or I'd being calling for a clean up on aisle one!
I guarantee you'll see at least one Bald Eagle on every visit to Ottawa. We saw three on this trip.

This Black-capped Chickadee had a hungry look in his eye, so the Doodles didn't dawdle!

We won't be seeing these Ruby-crowned Kinglets much longer.
As it gets colder, they'll fly farther south, maybe to visit Peanut!

If you look closely, you can see the buttery butt of this Yellow-rumped Warbler.
The last of the warblers in our area, some will over winter here.

This was at the 'tail end' of our walk.
This is the end of a Northern Brown Snake you pick up.

As I was instructed, here's one of the little @#*%@ mongrels, I mean sweet little Chipmunks.
Please don't eat our cable again...


  1. Hahaha! I want to see the Doodles doing flapping her wings and stomping about! How cool you were that close to an eagle!! I've yet to experience that... I hope a Ruby-crowned stops by on his way south! We do have the Golden-crowns at the house now (just the one day, though...)! That Northern Squirrel Pecker cracked me up. (I hate to say it, but you really have to stay away from apostrophe s's on that one!)

  2. I see that you're branching out here, photographing branches ... I mean, expanding the repertoire to include sticks from the stern, reptiles from the rear, and chipmunks from the, um ...