Saturday, November 28, 2009

Just another walk in the park...

So, I asked this Downy if he was a boy or a girl, and he bowed his head and said "What do you think!"
Smart Alec woodpeckers...

You know that old saying, "When life gives you lemons, go birding?" At least I think it goes something like that...After an exciting morning of the Doodles Landie breaking down on the highway, I thought I would go for a walk at Rocky River Reservation to escape from reality. I do that a lot, escape from reality I mean...ask anybody.

A nice sunny day, about 45 degrees and everyone is out walking in the park. They were the smart folks that didn't go to the mall! I just did a quick walk through the back, less travelled trails to see what I could see. Of course I brought my camera just in case! All of the regulars were there taking advantage of the unseasonably warm and quiet weather.

This White-throated Sparrow was keeping an eye on the toddler screaming and running his way.
When I pointed the birds out to him, he became real quiet and just stared. Maybe a future birder?

I'm still trying to get an in focus pic of a White-breasted Nuthatch. In the meantime, I liked the look this one was giving me.
"Dude, what are you lookin at?!"

This is what happens to bad Tufted Titmice, he's a "jail bird!"
Sorry, I couldn't resist that joke...

He's telling all of his buddies to watch out for the guy with the camera.
"Don't sit still, it makes him crazy!"

Walking along, I heard a crack above me. When I looked up, this guy was staring back.
Red-tails don't eat people do they?

I don't think that band is tight enough...

That looks like a seed he's eating doesn't it? Remember me warning you about the evil Chickadees?
That's all that's left of a jogger. I saw it with my own eyes...scary...really...

I'll leave you with this parting shot...I said PARTING!

*no chipmunks were harmed in the production of this post. Thank you.

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  1. Hi Dave,
    You got quite good pictures over there. I love the imprisoned tit, it is a very funny one....
    The hawk shot is a terrible one... His gaze is terrific! Well done.