Friday, December 4, 2009

Life butts...part one...

Of course, the ONLY shot in focus is a rump shot...go figure...It's a Purple Gallinule by the way...

Maybe you've noticed I haven't posted much lately. Maybe you're happy because of that fact. Well, tough, I'm back in business again! The computer is back together, and yes, the wires are sorted out. Wise guys...I have lost a few files of photos somewhere in cyberspace, oh well. I've also come across a number that I never labeled, so over the winter I may post some "Lost and Founds."

In the meantime, I am going to share, whether you like it or not, our life birds of 2009...and maybe even a few from the front...

The only shot that came out of the White-winged Dove is this one on a feeder.
I made the others go away...DELETE,DELETE,DELETE!

This Painted Bunting was the reason we went to Florida in January...besides no snow there.
I'm not sure whether he was flashing me or trying to sell me a Rolex in this shot.

Yep, Mottled Ducks, very motley.

This may be my favorite butt of 2009.
Even this Limpkin is trying to bend around to see his own fantastic fanny!

As you can tell, we started off the year with a bang in Florida. What a place to visit in the winter to see birds, so many, so big and so patient!

I have to give special thanks to our birdin' buddies, Norma and Lloyd for spending some time with us on our visit and showing us the choice birding spots!


  1. wow..that painted bunting is such a beauty!! :)

  2. Welcome back, slacker. We missed you!
    btw, The Bird Mobile called and said it wants its Doodles back! : (

  3. Hi Dave,
    Well it is nice that the wires are fixed and organized now, bad that you managed to loose some files!!! The Painted Bunting picture is very funny and I guess he was trying to sell you the idea that red could fit you!!! Nice post and beautiful pictures as always!

  4. Great post Dave, Nice Painted Bunting shot! You always keep me smiling. Thanks for that!

  5. ...I had so much fun birding with you two this weekend!!! I'm still in awe of the stream of Red-breasted Mergansers! ....great butt shots, and I have that White-winged Dove song by Stevie Nicks in my mind! (very cool limpkin...)

  6. Butt butt but what about those feet on the gallinule?

    Glad you venture down to Fl (my yard). I recommend a trip to the Everglades for everyone...spend a few days, lots of ground to cover.

    Thanks for the chuckles

  7. A purple gallinule!!! Man, I've been going to Florida for 19 years now and still haven't gotten one! I am purple with envy.

  8. All the male Gallinules here have red legs.
    its another bird that likes me to take a photo of its pretty white feathers.
    all the birds now have there own blog. they deserve one